The Miami Dolphins Will Hire Brian Daboll, But Who Is He?

Say Hello To Your New Offensive Coordinator
Well, I used to think that Brad Childress was the worst possible candidate for the Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator opening, but now I could be wrong.

Brian Daboll, who the Dolphins are going to sign within the next 24 hours, might just be the worst candidate.

After doing a little bit of research, guess what I found out.

Daboll's offense last year was worse than the Miami Dolphins, so instead of improving upon their pathetic offense it looks like the Dolphins will be getting even worse.

The only bright spots on Daboll's resume were RB Peyton Hillis' success last year and his tenure as the Wide Receiver coach for the New England Patriots when they won three Super Bowl Championships. Other than that, I can't find much else that he has done.

Daboll's offense last year was one behind the Dolphins in scoring at 31st in the league. They were the 29th worst passing team and the 20th ranked rushing team. It baffles me why Miami would be willing to hire somebody who was unable to do any better than who they just got rid of.

The Dolphins have not publicly acknowledged the hiring of Daboll yet, so there is still an extremely slim possibility that they won't actually hire Daboll, but I doubt it.

I'll be honest, I may be overreacting a little bit. Daboll got a chance to learn under Bill Belichick from 2002 to 2006, so he probably learned some good stuff while with the Patriots. He also didn't have much to work with this year in Cleveland because the Browns weren't exactly stacked with talent.

With all that considered, I still can't see why Tony Sparano, Jeff Ireland, and Stephen Ross would be willing to hire Daboll. Daboll might be able to build a successful running offense, but that isn't what Stephen Ross wanted. He wanted a better passing offense, and the numbers just don't point to Brian Daboll being the guy that gives Ross what he wants.

I could be wrong, though. Maybe they saw something in Daboll other than just the numbers. I sure hope so, because I hate not being able to watch my Dolphins in the playoffs year after year.

One thing is for sure, I don't expect the hiring of Brian Daboll will help fill any more seats in Sun Life Stadium next year. If anything, it will reduce the number of tickets sold.

All is not lost, though. At least we can be thankful that he will be better than Dan Henning.

Thanks for reading, and let me hear your comments. I know you guys have a whole lot to say about this.

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