Multiple Mock Drafts Have The Miami Dolphins Drafting Mark Ingram, But Should They?

Please Tony, Draft Ryan Mallett
Both CBS Sports and Mel Kiper of ESPN have the Miami Dolphins picking RB Mark Ingram with the 15th overall selection of the NFL Draft.
I have been stressing for a few weeks now that the Dolphins need to take a quarterback with their first pick, and I still believe that to be the case. Mel Kiper may be the most informed and intelligent person in the country when it comes to the NFL Draft, but he doesn't know as much about the Miami Dolphins, specifically, which is why I think he is wrong that the Dolphins will get Ingram.

All Kiper sees are Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams leaving, so he figures they should worry about replacing them first. What he may not realize is how much Chad Henne has hurt Miami this year. It is much more crucial for the Dolphins to draft or trade for a quarterback with their first pick. By trading for a quarterback with their first pick, I mean trading the pick to a team like the Eagles for Kevin Kolb.

There will always be good running back talent with high potential available later in the draft, but that isn't normally the case at quarterback. Almost always, the good quarterbacks with the best potential will be taken in the first round, and the Dolphins need to make sure they pick up one of those guys.

My clear favorite candidate of the quarterbacks in this year's NFL Draft is Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. I would rather Mallett over both Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert. I know many of you will disagree with me on that one, but I am confident that Mallett will be the best NFL quarterback of this draft class.

The reason I would take Mallett over Gabbert is that Gabbert has been in a spread offense in college, and successful spread offense quarterbacks almost never translate into successful NFL quarterbacks.

I would take Mallett over Newton because Newton had to rely too much on his feet in college, which he won't be able to do in the NFL. I understand that he is still a good passer, but I fear that the temptation to run will be too much for him to avoid. NFL athletes are much, much faster and stronger than NCAA athletes, and Newton won't be able to be nearly as explosive because of that. I also just don't get a good feeling about him in the NFL. I know that he is supremely talented, but for some reason I just don't see him doing well in the NFL.

As for Mallett, I think he will be the best QB of this class because of his big arm and intensity. Mallett can make every pass in the NFL that he will ever need to make, hands down. He can make extremely tough passes with immaculate accuracy and make it look easy. He is also an extremely passionate and fiery competitor. His footwork needs improvement, and his decision-making isn't always the best because he is a little too confident in his arm, which is why he is considered #3 in the Draft, but I still think he is better than Newton and Gabbert despite his weaknesses.

As you guys can tell, I love Mallett, and I am thinking that he deserves to be ranked higher than he is. It would be a huge mistake for the Miami Dolphins to pass up him for Ingram with the 15th pick. Not that Ingram isn't a great running back, but I think Miami needs to worry about their quarterback first.

Thanks for reading, and tell me who you think Miami should get as well as your reaction to what I have said, because I know a lot of other people think differently.

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