Stephen Ross Clears Up The Past Week For The Miami Dolphins

In a very awkward Round-Table Press Conference on Saturday, Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross attempted to explain what happened this week.

Among other things, Ross admitted that he should have handled the situation a lot differently than he did, and he cited his inexperience as part of the reason for mishandling what happened.

One thing I found surprising was that Ross said that nobody in the Miami Dolphins Organization had contacted Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher concerning the Dolphins Head Coach position. There have been a lot of reports stating that Miami had talked to Bill Cowher about becoming Miami's Head Coach, but according to Ross those talks never happened.

Concerning what went down with Jim Harbaugh, Ross said that he was already heading to California for another meeting and decided that he would meet with Harbaugh while he was there. I am not sure whether I believe Ross about conveniently being on the way to California where Harbaugh was, but we have to take his word for it.

Ross then went on to say that he never offered Jim Harbaugh any contract at all, and definitely not for the amount that was reported. I am not sure who said that they made an offer and where that got started, but some people will say anything to get more readers.

He said that as soon as the interview with Harbaugh was over that he and Jeff Ireland decided Tony was still the man for the job. He sent Tony a message telling him that he was still his guy, which Tony got the next morning when he woke up and turned his phone on.

While I do think Ross could have handled things a lot better than he did, at least it wasn't as bad as we thought. All Ross did was meet with Harbaugh, and Tony Sparano knew his job was safe a lot earlier than we thought he did. It wasn't the greatest situation that he put Tony in, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it appeared to be.

Thanks for reading, and let me hear your reactions.

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