Tony Sparano Is Receiving Support From A Lot Of Different Players In The Miami Dolphins Organization, But Is His Job Safe?

I have not yet heard a single player on the Miami Dolphins team that hasn't supported keeping Tony Sparano as the Head Coach, and it makes you think that he is going to keep his job.

Now, Chad Pennington has joined the list of players in Miami who have expressed their support for Sparano, and I believe that his approval is the most important by a player so far. Pennington is a veteran quarterback who has a lot of knowledge about the game, and I think he will influence owner Stephen Ross' decision greatly.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait long to find out what happens. Tony Sparano and Stephen Ross have a meeting scheduled in the near future, and I have a feeling we will know what comes out of that meeting pretty soon. I am not sure of the date and time of the meeting, but my impression is that it is within the next few days.

I still believe that Tony is the best fit for the Miami Dolphins. The players already love him, and they almost always play their hearts out for him. I'm not saying that they "always" play their hearts out because of Sunday's game against New England, but I'm not concerned about that happening in the future. That was just a bad game capping off a disappointing season, and we should forget about it now.

My guess is that Stephen Ross keeps Tony. He still has a winning record as a head coach, and it isn't like he has coached a terrible team. He has played a part in bringing in a lot of talent, and we shouldn't overlook that. If Chad Henne weren't such a bust, we would be looking at the huge amount of talent Miami has instead of trying to figure out what went wrong.

That's it for now. Stay tuned, because we will probably be hearing about the future of the Miami Dolphins Head Coach Position soon.

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