Tony Sparano Will Remain Head Coach Of The Miami Dolphins

After what has seemed like the longest 24 hours of waiting for the news of the Miami Dolphins signing Jim Harbaugh to a record contract, it has just come across that Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross has instead decided to keep current Head Coach Tony Sparano as Miami's Head Coach.

According to an ESPN alert, the Dolphins have decided to retain Sparano as their head coach only a few hours after all signs seemed to point at them signing Jim Harbaugh to replace him instead.

While I am not sure yet whether I like the decision to keep Sparano, I do know that I don't like how Stephen Ross handled the whole situation. Ross showed how little faith he had in Tony by flying across the country and offering to pay a huge amount of money in a desperate effort to sign Harbaugh.

Stephen Ross has basically just thrown Tony Sparano into a pile of mud and then offered to pick him back up, all the while acting like nothing has happened and he never threw him in the mud in the first place.

How can Tony Sparano be as productive as we all want him to be if he doesn't believe he has the faith of the owner whose team he is coaching? All the last few days have been is a huge distraction for the Dolphins organization and a confidence (and maybe even a career) killer for Tony Sparano.

I wanted Miami to bring in Harbaugh simply because Tony Sparano had seemed to have been losing a lot of support from people in the organization, and now things have gotten worse because Stephen Ross hasn't shown support for him.

Ross can say all he wants about how he believes in Tony Sparano, but we will all know what lengths he went to to try and get another Head Coach instead of Tony.

The drama is now over, but I am honestly no more satisfied knowing the result than a few hours ago when I didn't know the result. If there was ever a way you wanted to hurt your coaches chances to succeed, that may have been the best option.

The good news in the midst of all of this Head-Coaching drama is that Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning has officially stepped down from his position in Miami. We knew this was coming, but it is very satisfying news to finally hear. I am hoping that the Dolphins can bring in Josh McDaniels as Henning's replacement and see what he is able to do.

I know you guys have reactions, so let me hear 'em with your comments.

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