We Need You, Miami Dolphins Fans, To Help Block The Lockout

As we all know, it is possible that we won't have football next year because of a lockout. I wanted to let you guys know about #LETUSPLAY day that NFL players will be participating in next Tuesday the 18th.

Basically, "Let Us Play" day will be an online blitz by NFL Players across social media outlets in an attempt to Block The Lockout.

We all want football next year, and we need to make sure that the "Let Us Play" message gets out. You guys can help by signing a petition to help "Block the Lockout" and then getting your friends to sign it as well.

The petition is at http://www.nfllockout.com, so be sure to sign it and then post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter telling other people to sign it. It is important that you get the word out to tell people about the petition, because we need as many people to sign it as possible.

I, personally, can't stand the thought of no NFL for a year, and I am sure most of you feel the same way. Please be sure to sign it everybody.

Once again, here is the link:


Thanks for reading, now get to work.

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