With David Lee Gone, The Miami Dolphins Can Now Start Their Quarterback Search From Scratch.

Miami Dolphins Quarterbacks Coach David Lee is leaving the NFL to go coach college football as an Offensive Coordinator for Ole Miss. While I am not sure why Ole Miss would want Lee to be running their entire offense after seeing how Chad Henne turned out under him, I am relieved that they took him.

I am guessing that Ole Miss wanted Lee because he was the guy who designed the wildcat, and they figured that he has more in his bag of tricks. That's their problem now, though, and now Miami must focus on starting over on offense.

Not only will the Dolphins just need to find a new Offensive Coordinator, they will also need to find a new Quarterbacks coach and (most importantly) a new quarterback. The Chad Henne experiment was a failure on multiple levels, and now, thankfully, all of those failed levels are gone except for Henne himself.

I do not have any knowledge of coaching candidates for the position, but I will see what I can find out.

Stay tuned in about an hour or so for a "You Tell Me," because it is Tuesday after all.

Thanks for reading.

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