Yes, It Can Get Worse: Miami Dolphins QB Chad Pennington Will Try To Return And Play In The NFL

I thought the hiring of Brian Daboll was pretty bad news, but this makes things even worse.
Guess Who's Back

Two-time NFL Comeback Player of the Year QB Chad Pennington has announced that he plans on returning to play another season in the NFL after having yet another season-ending shoulder injury in 2010.

He is an impending free agent, but I am willing to bet that the Miami Dolphins will attempt to re-sign him.

Let me first say that this is not bad news because Chad Pennington is a bad quarterback. It is instead bad news because the Miami Dolphins may decide to rely on him as their starter for the 2011-2012 season, which is not something we want them to do.

Chad Pennington is a pretty good quarterback, but he isn't good enough to justify starting when there are so many other great quarterback candidates with great potential that will be available for Miami to get instead.

What makes Pennington coming to Miami even more likely is that he has a very good relationship with Miami's new Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll, which can only be bad news for us Dolphins fans that want a new quarterback.

Daboll may just elect to start Pennington this season because they know each other well and he trusts Pennington. Trust normally isn't a bad thing, but Daboll's trust in Pennington will not have a favorable result.

If Brian Daboll decides to start Pennington, not only will he not do well, but he also won't be able to last more than a few games without hurting his shoulder again.

We all saw how quickly Pennington re-injured his shoulder and how little it took. What will happen when he lands really hard on it?

If Pennington gets injured as the starter, then the Dolphins would have to put Chad Henne in because they wouldn't have pursued another quarterback after thinking that they would've been able to rely on Chad Pennington.

This also hurts Miami because now they won't be able to hire him as their quarterbacks coach. I don't know whether Pennington would have been willing to coach if he retired from playing, but I still think he would have been really good at coaching if he decided to. Now we know he won't be coaching, so the Dolphins will have to find a new candidate to coach their QBs.

All in all, Pennington coming back hurts Miami. Not only will he probably end up still playing for the Dolphins, but he also won't be able to coach for them.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think about Pennington's decision in the comments below.

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