You Tell Me: Predict The Miami Dolphins Record Next Year

Tuesday was a very busy day, so I had to push the "You Tell Me" back a day so I could keep up with what was happening with the OC and QB spots.

Well, the Miami Dolphins have officially introduced Brian Daboll as their new Offensive Coordinator, and I want to know how you guys think the Dolphins offense will do under Daboll's leadership and what you think Miami's win-loss record will be.

I know it is too early to be predicting how next season will turn out, but what else do we Dolphins fans have to do to kill time instead? Predicting gives us something to do to distract us from how bad they did this year.

Now, my official question to you guys is:
What do you think the Miami Dolphins record will be next year?

So, start scrolling down and typing your responses. I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. Do you have hope for the future, or do you just think they will have to start all over again after it is over?

Thanks everyone for reading.

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