Brian Daboll Is At Least A Good Coach For The Miami Dolphins Running Game

While we may question some of Brian Daboll's credentials as an Offensive Coordinator, one thing we can be somewhat assured about is his ability to put together a good running game.

It surprised and angered a lot of Miami Dolphins fans when Daboll was hired as the Offensive Cordinator, and they were upset for good reason. Daboll doesn't have a successful track record as an OC in the NFL, so the decision to hire him obviously came into question.

While I am not sure how good the offense will be next season, I am, at least, pretty sure that the Dolphins will have a good running game. Whoever Miami does bring in as the main running back, Brian Daboll will be able to make him successful.

Daboll turned the little-known Peyton Hillis into one of the best backs in the NFL despite not being one of the fastest, so why wouldn't he be able to do something similar in Miami?

Daboll will probably end up having a better known running back than Hillis at the beginning of next season, but that back should be able to do just as well as Hillis did, and maybe even better.

As much as I would rather the Dolphins get a quarterback with their first pick, I am excited to think about what Mark Ingram would be able to do under Daboll's leadership if the Dolphins do end up drafting him 15th overall.

If Daboll can turn a relatively unkown running back into a premeire back, what would he be able to do with the best available back in the draft?

That's it for now, what do you guys think about Brian Daboll? Are you at all excited about what the running game will look like next year? Let me know with your comments.

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