Confirmation: Yes, The Miami Dolphins Will Address The QB Position For Next Season

According to Omar Kelly's Twitter post, the Miami Dolphins are going to address their QB problems in 2011.

Here is the exact post written by Kelly:
"The Dolphins are WITHOUT A DOUBT going to address the quarterback position in '11 and haven't ruled out drafting one in the first round."
This is good news for me, and I hope that they do end up drafting a first round QB.

I think that there is a good chance that the Dolphins will get Ryan Mallett if they are willing to pick him in the first round, which would be a great move in my opinion. I highly doubt that Mallett will end up being picked before Miami has a chance to get him at 15, and I really hope that the Dolphins will consider taking him.

Thanks for checking in on Super Bowl Sunday. I hope you guys enjoy watching the game, and hopefully next year the Dolphins will be in the same position as the Steelers and Packers.

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