Good News For The Miami Dolphins? DeAngelo Williams Likely Not Happy With The Carolina Panthers

According to the Charlotte Observer, the Carolina Panthers have informed their Running Backs Coach Jim Skipper that they will be going in a different direction that doesn't involve him.

This could potentially be good news for the Miami Dolphins. The following was in an article at the Charlotte Observer's website:
Free agent-to-be DeAngelo Williams said in late November keeping Skipper would go a long way toward convincing him to stay

Note that Williams has not said anything about the matter since November, but that could still be very good news for the Miami Dolphins because it increases the chances that Williams won't be with the Panthers next season.

Let's cross our fingers and hope that the Panthers don't just place a franchise tag on Williams.

Let's also hope that the NFLPA and the NFL reach a new CBA soon so we can get back to football and the offseason.

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