Is Anthony Fasano A Good Enough Tight End For The Miami Dolphins?

Fasano's Famous Fake-out
The Miami Dolphins awarded Anthony Fasano with a $7.75 million extension in the middle of last season. The extension was very well timed because it was announced after Fasano's great game against the Titans.

At the time, most Dolphins fans supported the move because of Fasano's game against Tennessee. Now that we can look at his whole body of work from the year, the extension doesn't look as good. Fasano had 528 yards and four touchdowns, and while those may not be terrible numbers they don't really merit such a rich extension.

But, I still believe he deserves the extension. He is a very good blocker on top of being a consistent receiver, and his numbers don't look very good because of Chad Henne's inaccuracy more than his own fault.

So, to the main question, is Anthony Fasano a good enough TE for the Miami Dolphins?

Yes, I believe he is.

Despite low receiving yardage last season, he still has very high yards-per-catch at 13.5. If he had a better quarterback, he would be able to get more receptions, and, in turn, more yards.

When he had Chad Pennington throwing to him, he had a great season and was among the best in the league numbers-wise. In the last two seasons with Henne throwing to him, he has had much worse numbers and his combined touchdowns from both years aren't even equivalent to his one year with Pennington.

If we can get a new quarterback, Fasano should be able to return to his numbers of three years ago. It's as simple as that, and I hope the Dolphins staff realizes that Henne isn't the one anymore.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about Fasano with a comment.

I apologize for talking about such a random topic, but the Miami Dolphins news has been extremely slow this week, and I didn't have anything to write about.

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