Is Brandon Marshall Worth Two Second Round Picks To The Miami Dolphins?

I figured I would continue the talk of Brandon Marshall from yesterday, so get ready for more of the Miami Dolphins star wideout. My question today is: Do you guys think that the Dolphins made a good move by trading for Marshall?

The Dolphins traded for Marshall during the offseason last year and then signed a huge contract with Miami. He came with huge expectations as well, but he ended up playing poorly compared to what he had been able to do with the Broncos. Most people, including Marshall himself, can agree that he had a disappointing season, and he has already begun working hard to be prepared for next year.

So, that brings up the question: Was it worth Miami trading two of their second round picks for him?

I think it was. Despite not having the greatest season, Marshall was still able to put up 86 receptions and 1014 receiving yards. Those numbers are among the best in the league. His real problem was only scoring three touchdowns. The lack of scoring wasn't really his fault, but we still have to take that into consideration when we look at the question.

Losing the two second rounders is hurting the Dolphins a bit. Last year wasn't so bad because Miami traded down and got a second round pick, but this year it could hurt a little more because the Miami Dolphins need a quarterback, and trading down wouldn't allow them to get the best available QBs. They could end up with a passer with a lot of potential in the second round, but they would have a better chance at being successful if they drafted one in the first. The dilemma is that the Dolphins then wouldn't have another pick until the third round, which would hinder their ability to rebuild the offensive group.

I can't help but still like the trade, though. Brandon Marshall is an absolute beast. The man didn't even have a consistent quarterback throwing the ball to him and he was still able to catch the ball 86 times. Add the fact that he has already started his workouts for next season, and it is hard to argue against trading for him.

Let me know what you guys think. I am interested to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for reading.