Miami Dolphins QB Chad Pennington Stands Behind Brian Daboll

There was a lot of doubt about whether Brian Daboll would be able to turn the Miami Dolphins offense around when he was hired as the Offensive Coordinator, and justly so.

Daboll had just been fired from a Cleveland offense that was ranked even worse than Miami's last year, and hiring him didn't really inspire much confidence in a turnaround. Daboll did just get a little boost in confidence from Dolphins veteran QB Chad Pennington. Pennington said this about Daboll courtesy of Mike Berardino of the Sun Sentinel:
"I think you have to understand he was also an integral part of a very successful offense in New England. He was really involved in the passing game, coordinating the passing game. He coached some really great pros with the receivers as far as Troy Brown and Deion Branch and those guys. When he came to New York, I really saw the wealth of knowledge that he had and how he could help build a game plan and really take advantage and attack the weaknesses of the defense. I don’t think you can look at the work that's happened in Cleveland. I think you have to look at the whole perspective and see that he is a young coach and he has a lot to offer and he will do a good job."
Now, while I strongly respect Chad's opinion, I'm not really sure that what he said makes me feel any better about Daboll.

Yes, Pennington has been playing for a while and should be able to tell pretty well if a new coach is good or not, but I'm not sure if he isn't doing anything more than just trying to build up Daboll's image in the eyes of us fans.

Pennington is very smart, and because of that I believe that he is just saying good things about Daboll to try and inspire some confidence by the fans. I'm not saying he is this deceiving athlete who is trying to manipulate the fans. I am just saying he is trying to paint as rosy a picture as possible of Brian Daboll in order to inspire confidence and take some of the weight off his shoulders.

There is also the possibility that Pennington really does have a lot of faith in Daboll's abilities. Pennington played under Daboll for a year with the Jets, so he has been around him before. I hope that he really does trust Daboll's abilities, but I don't think he does.

What do you guys think? Let me know below.

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