Miami Dolphins Show Strong Interest In Cam Newton

According to, the Miami Dolphins are showing a lot of interest in QB prospect Cam Newton.

The report mentions that six different teams have Newton ranked as the number one prospect in the draft, but it does not mention any team names other than the Dolphins saying that they are "inquiring heavily into Newton at this stage of the game.

While I would be happy if Miami did pick Newton (if he is even on the board at pick 15), I think that they would be better off going after Ryan Mallett or trading down. Newton has a lot of talent, but I don't know how he will be in the NFL.

We all know how well Cam Newton was able to do against college defenders, and I don't want to take anything away from that, but he will be playing against much stronger and faster defenders in the NFL. Running the ball won't be nearly as easy, and I don't know how well Newton will be able to play if you take away his legs.

Picking Ryan Mallett is the smarter move in my eyes. He's got the arm, and he's got the intensity (which is a welcome change after having a robot at QB for two years). I believe Mallett will be a successful NFL quarterback, and I am confident that he will be more successful than any other QB in this year's draft class.

I also mentioned that I think Miami should trade down instead of getting Newton. If the NFL and NFLPA reach an agreement on the new CBA, then the Dolphins could trade their first-round pick for a second-round pick and an offensive lineman to help revamp their blocking. If a new CBA isn't reached before the draft, then the Dolphins could just trade their first pick for a second-rounder and another pick that they would use to take a lineman. Either way they can fix their offensive line and still be able to get a quarterback with whatever second round pick they get.

I know a lot of you guys like Cam Newton, but have you really analyzed his skill sets other than just watching his highlight films? He has questionable decision-making at times, and he can't fit passes into tight holes nearly as well as Mallett. He also has questions about his maturity and character. He has been arrested for stealing a laptop and has allegations against him for academic cheating while he was with the University of Florida. There are too many question marks with Newton, and it wouldn't be worth the risk for the Dolphins to take him.

The Dolphins have a lot of different needs on offense, and the draft is a good way to fill those needs. Things don't look so good for the Miami Dolphins right now, but one good draft could change all of that, so cross your fingers and hope that the 2011 NFL Draft is a good one.

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