Ryan Mallett And Jake Locker's Stock Have Fallen: Good Thing For The Miami Dolphins?

In Mel Kiper's latest Big Board, which is him ranking the Top 25 prospects in the NFL Draft, he doesn't have QBs Ryan Mallett or Jake Locker on the list. Kiper says that he thinks both could still possibly be taken in the first round, but each has question marks that forced him to drop them off of the list.

This doesn't really concern me, actually. I know that Kiper is obviously not as confident in either quarterback anymore, but I still believe both players can have great careers in the NFL with whoever picks them. I think Mallett can be better than Locker, but Locker still has potential.

If anything, Kiper dropping the two is good for the Miami Dolphins. It's a good thing because if they decide to pursue either, then they could trade down in the draft, get an extra draft pick or player, and then pick Mallett or Locker with their new pick.

Before, I was concerned that Mallet would be taken before Miami would be able to get him with their 15th overall pick, but now it looks like they will be able to trade down and still get him.

While Mallett did fall a lot since the last Big Board, he hasn't fallen nearly as hard as Jake Locker has. Locker was considered by many to be a strong contender for the first pick of last year's draft before he decided to stay another year, but in this year's draft he may not even be taken in the first round. I actually wouldn't be surprised if he fell to late in the 2nd round or early in the 3rd.

Locker hasn't shown much progression at all from last year, and he has been plagued by terrible accuracy. Both those reasons have to be why Kiper dropped him from the list, and I don't blame him. In all honesty, I don't know how much I want the Dolphins to get him anymore. I guess I wouldn't mind if they picked him with a 2nd round pick that they traded down for or a 3rd round pick, but it would be a huge, huge mistake if they took him in the 1st round.

No, I don't actually expect them to take Locker 15th overall, but I am just saying it would be a very bad mistake if they did. I wouldn't put it past the current Dolphins, though.

So, yes, it does seem to be a bad sign if Mel Kiper drops both Mallett and Locker, but I am actually excited by the move because the Dolphins may still end up picking Mallett even if they trade down. I think he is the real deal, and I want Miami to take a chance on him.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment. I know there isn't anything going on with the Dolphins at the moment and the news is really slow, but hang in there because there is bound to be something new happening soon.

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