Why Do Some Miami Dolphins Fans Still Cling To Chad Henne?

Most Miami Dolphins fans have accepted that Chad Henne is not the answer for the Dolphins past decade of quarterback woes. They realize that he has terrible decision-making and poor accuracy. As much as I dislike Bill Parcells and what he did to the organization, he too realized that Henne wasn't looking good this year, and that is why he bailed so quickly to save his own butt.

The thing is, there are a small percentage of Dolphins fans that still cling to Chad Henne and still believe he should be starting. I am not sure why, honestly, but they act surprised when people say that Henne should be benched or cut.

Well, my question is: Why shouldn't he be cut? Why would the Dolphins still start him? He has not improved one bit in the two years Miami has had him as their starter. If anything, you could make a case for his regression from the first season to the second. He may have thrown for three more touchdowns in his second season than he did his first, but he also threw five more interceptions.

In the last two seasons, Henne has thrown more picks than TDs. Why would anyone still believe in that?

Brandon Marshall, who has been around good quarterbacks before, started complaining late in the season about Henne, and I don't blame him. Too many times, Henne would be afraid to let the ball fly or he would audible what was originally a passing play into a running one. Good quarterbacks want the ball in their hands. They don't audible into a run so they don't have to throw it.

This article is a combination of me saying my point, and then you guys countering with yours (whether you agree with me or not). So please, leave a comment with your own point and we can begin a discussion.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for reading.

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