Will You Buy Miami Dolphins Tickets Next Season?

The Miami Dolphins were an obvious disappointment last season, and Stephen Ross didn't help the team much when the season ended by going out and looking for a new coach while he was still paying his old one.

So, I would like to know: Will you buy tickets to see the Miami Dolphins play next season?

Fan support is pretty low right now, but there are also a lot of you out there who are still optimistic about next year. I can see valid points for both sides of the ticket argument.

For instance, last year's defense was really good only a season after they were really bad. If it only took one year for Miami to turn around such a bad defense, why wouldn't they be able to turn around a bad offense in a year?

On the flip side, the Dolphins don't know who their quarterback is after last year's "quarterback of the future" failed. In the 11 years since Dan Marino retired, Miami hasn't been able to find a QB good enough to replace him. They have tried and failed many times, so why would we actually expect them to succeed this time?

If you want to look on the positive side again, Head Coach Tony Sparano and General Manager Jeff Ireland's jobs are on the line. If they don't turn in a successful season, then they will have to be looking for new jobs next offseason. The pressure to succeed could be enough to get them to put together a good team. They are also bound to take more risks with their jobs at risk, which could make for an exciting team to watch if nothing else.

But, a bad thing about Sparano and Ireland is that they, along with CEO Mike Dee, lied to us fans about Bill Parcells' involvement. In all reality, their lie wasn't too severe, but it did reveal that the three of them are willing to work together in order to lie to us fans. Doing so creates trust issues between the team and its fans, and could very well affect ticket sales.

So, let me know whether you will buy tickets this year. Also, if you could, please include how many tickets you would normally buy, whether they are individual tickets or season tickets, so we can know if you will buy more or less than usual.

I am not sure what kind of answers I am going to get, so I am excited to see what you guys will say.

I look forward to reading your responses. Thanks for reading!

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