You Tell Me: Anthony Fasano Or Jeremy Shockey For The Miami Dolphins

Ok, since all signs are pointing to Jeremy Shockey signing with the Miami Dolphins, let us just assume for this "You Tell Me" that he has already signed with the Dolphins.

So now, Miami will have to decide between Shockey and current TE Anthony Fasano as their starter. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, but I want to know who you guys would rather have as the official starter on the depth chart.

If I were to explain both players in a nutshell, I would say that Fasano is a short to mid-range receiver and a very good blocker and Shockey is more of a big-time receiver who can make great catches, but is only an average-at-best blocker.

I know that both players will be on the field a lot, but I want to know who you guys would rather be the "premiere" tight end of the team. Do you want the explosive Shockey who doesn't always block well, or do you want the "safe" Fasano that is very good at blocking.

Let me know who you would like with your comments and thanks for reading.

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