Do YOU Trust This Year's Regime More Than The Trifecta?

I have a great Miami Dolphins debate that I think you guys will really enjoy. I won't take credit for coming up with the idea, though. Riverdog brought it to me.
With or Without?

Anyways, I want to know if you guys think the Trifecta of the past three years (Parcells, Sparano, and Ireland) did a better job than what just Sparano and Ireland will be able to do by themselves this year.

Basically, do you trust the trifecta with Bill Parcells or just the "bifecta" without Parcells?

Be sure to take everything into account: their draft history, their free agent signings, and overall team performance.

The trifecta might have messed up on players like Pat White and Chad Henne, but they also brought in great players like Cameron Wake, Brandon Marshall, and Vontae Davis.

I am, personally, more confident in just Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland. The problem with Bill Parcells was that he was like an old man set in his ways that rarely changed up what he did. He had a certain criteria that players would have to meet before he considered signing or drafting them, and I don't really agree with that. Sure, you don't want to sign a 150 pound offensive lineman, but it isn't smart to pass up on a really good prospect because he is a couple inches shorter or 10 to 20 pounds lighter than what you want.

Now, I want to know what you guys think. If the discussion gets good, then I won't post anything tomorrow to keep it at the top.

Thanks for reading, now start the discussion.