Good Old Channing Crowder: A Look Back At Some Of His Funnier Interviews As A Miami Dolphin

By now I expect that most of you have heard about Miami Dolphins LB Channing Crowder's comments about Mel Kiper supposedly making him spend his money before he had it.

If you guys haven't heard, here is what he said when asked if he pays attention to the hype leading up to the NFL courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews:
"Yeah I watch it and all. Mel Kiper and all, he messed me over, he lied to me said I was top-20 had me go out and spend X amount of dollars and then owe the bank stuff. So I don't know the guys; they're guessing just like we guess; I can guess who the Dolphins are going to take too. But I look at it a little bit and hear the experts I guess they call them to hear what they got to say."
This is classic Channing Crowder stuff, and it got me thinking about some of Crowder's other funny interviews. So, I have added a few videos below of two of his previous interviews and a video of him getting decked because it is pretty funny. Enjoy!

This video is his interview after Le'Ron McClain spit in his face during a game. [Warning: Language]

The next interview is two videos of Crowder talking crap about the Jets after a victory against them. The actual interview isn't as funny as the ridiculous looking towel on his head. I apologize for the audio being out of sync with the video, but it is the best I could find.

Part 1

Part 2

This last video is Crowder being leveled by Saints RB Mike Bell. I know you're probably wondering why I would put this video up. Honestly, I just enjoy seeing Crowder get lit up every once in a while because he can be pretty annoying at times. Wait until the end of the video for the really good hit.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the videos.