Miami Dolphins Cheating? Chad Henne and Brian Daboll Have Been Meeting To Discuss New Offense

Yesterday, Chad Henne mentioned to David Neal of the Miami Herald about meetings that he and Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll had to discuss the new offense. Here is what Henne had to say:
"I've been meeting with him for the last month now. I feel pretty comfortable with what he’s teaching and what the offense is going to be about just in case - who knows what’s going to happen this Thursday? - that I can pass it on to the guys and help the guys out."
Henne apparently had no idea that he was breaking any rules, but he was. Players are not allowed to have any type of organized workout, practice, or meeting of any kind before the start of offseason activities like OTAs.

This can only be bad news for the Dolphins. It means that Henne will likely be teaching the rest of the team Miami's new offense when the CBA expires, and it means that the NFL could possibly penalize either the Dolphins organization or specific people in the organization such as Head Coach Tony Sparano, Daboll, or Henne.

While I wouldn't really like the Dolphins to fine anyone on the team, that type of penalty would be much better than some of the other penalties that the NFL could hit Miami with. A fine would be much better than, say, taking away one or more draft picks.

I am not quite sure how strict the NFL will be in this case because Henne obviously had no idea he was breaking any rules. But, if the NFL is anywhere near as harsh towards teams as they were to the players for dangerous tackles this season, then I wouldn't be surprised if they take away draft picks.

I also am not going to come out and say that this is why the Dolphins shouldn't rely on Henne, because I didn't expect him to do something like this. I actually applaud his efforts to learn the offense and to be ready to teach the team how to run it as well. He is showing a lot more leadership than I would have ever thought him capable of, and I respect him more for what he is trying to do.

I still don't think he should be the starter next year, but it is encouraging to hear him already preparing for next season. I wish he could come out next year and have a breakout season, but I don't see how that can happen after these past two seasons of mediocrity (at best).

Let me know what you guys think about this whole situation. Just when you thought I was done talking about Henne, this comes up.

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