Miami Dolphins Keeping Ronnie Brown? Why Not?

Today I would like to put a thought by you guys that we have just been assuming won't happen, but could very easily happen:

Why don't the Miami Dolphins just keep Ronnie Brown?

I know he didn't have the best season last year, but a big reason for that was the Dolphins offensive line's inability to run block. If Miami had a better offensive line, then I am confident Ronnie would have been a lot more successful.

I also know that Ronnie doesn't really have breakaway speed, but he is still a very manageable running back. The Dolphins could just draft a fast running back late in the draft to compliment Brown. Having Brown and a speed back would solve Miami's running back problems, and it would keep them from having to draft Mark Ingram with their first pick.

Everyone is just assuming that Brown is leaving the Dolphins this offseason, and that might not be the case. Brown has said that he would love to stay in Miami, so why not keep him? He is still a very good running back.

So, I want to know whether you guys would be opposed to bringing back. His contract probably wouldn't be very high, which would be another plus.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.