Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Makes The Right Move By Ensuring Job Security

I think we can all agree that Stephen Ross doesn't always make the best decisions when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. So, it comes as a surprise to me that he has actually done something smart that could help his football team.

Here is what Ross had to say, courtesy of Armando Salguero, about job security for Tony Sparano, Jeff Ireland, and other coaching personnel for Miami:
"We talk about it all the time. If not, you go and sign old players and all big names and hope they have one year left. I think we have a very young squad, one of the youngest in the league. We're building it from the ground up and I think the whole idea when I first bought the team is we want to be consistent, playing in the playoffs year in and year out where people can expect a good, exciting product on the field"
Ross may not be the greatest owner in the world, but I am glad that he is giving Sparano and Ireland a vote of confidence. It is important for a coach to know that he has time to put together a winning team. You can't build a Super Bowl team in just one year.

I agree with what Ross is saying about not adding old players to see if they have one more year left in them. It is good that he is willing to be patient and look towards the future.

This isn't the first time that Stephen Ross has tried to make Sparano and Ireland feel like they have some more job security after the Jim Harbaugh debacle, but I actually believe him this time.

We may not have the greatest football-minded owner, but I do believe Ireland and Sparano know what they are doing. Ross' reassuring the two of their job security allows them to build a good team over time without having to worry about being fired.

Hopefully Ross really does mean what he is saying and isn't just trying to make his "product" look good so people will pay to watch it.

We will see. Thanks for reading, now let me know what you think.