Miami Dolphins Players First To Begin Player-Only Workouts

The Miami Dolphins didn't do too well last season, but that hasn't stopped players on the team from beginning workouts on their own.

Players from the Dolphins, led by LT Jake Long and QB Chad Henne, will start their workouts this week, making Miami the first team with its players holding player-only workouts.

It is encouraging to hear that the players are taking the initiative and starting to prepare for next season. There isn't expected to be a lot of player participation because some agents have advised their players not to participate. Here is a quote from Drew Rosenhaus, who is a well-known sports agent. The quote is courtesy of Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel.
"If a guy works out right now and suffers an injury, he's not covered by his NFL contract during this lockout. So if you get injured, the team doesn't have to pay your salary next year. It's not a sanctioned activity, so if a guy goes out there and blows his knee, the team can say they've decided not to pay your contract this year. It's very risky."
It's too bad that the contracts work out that way, but that's how it goes. It is still good to know that some Dolphins players are committed to winning and are willing to risk injuries.

I was under the impression earlier this year that Chad Henne didn't really care if Miami won or not. His involvement in learning the offense and then teaching it to others is a good sign, and I was impressed before. My problem now is that Jake Long is leading the workouts with help from Henne. I would rather it be the other way around with Henne leading and Long helping. Henne needs to step into a leadership role if he ever wants to be a successful QB.

What I'm saying about Henne may sound ridiculous to some of you guys, but having a quarterback who isn't a good leader is like having a fast car without wheels. Leadership at QB is crucial, and Henne doesn't really seem to be much of a leader.

Anyways, enough with the Henne talk. It is good to see that some players with the Miami Dolphins are committed enough to work out on their own. Hopefully more will come, and I will let you guys know if I hear anything new about it.

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