Randy Moss To The Miami Dolphins?

Would Randy Moss be a good fit for the Miami Dolphins?

The idea of bringing Moss to Miami was proposed by Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel, and I want to know if you guys would like or dislike the idea of Moss with the Dolphins.

Kelly talked about how Miami needs a receiver who is capable of stretching the field, and he proposed Moss as potential fit for that spot. I don't know if Moss is exactly the type of receiver that the Dolphins are looking for to stretch the field, though. He is really fast, but he isn't lightning fast like the player Miami should get.

Also, Moss has had a great career so far in the NFL, but it seems like he is starting to fade. For that reason, I don't want Miami to go after him. His numbers last year were pathetic, and they sure don't merit the amount of money he is reportedly looking for ($6 million or more).

Moss also has expressed a lot of love for the New England Patriots, so I doubt that he will even want to come to Miami.

Let me know what you guys think. I want to hear whether you would like the Miami Dolphins to add Randy Moss or not. Thanks for reading.