Report: Miami Dolphins Keeping G Richie Incognito

The Miami Dolphins have re-signed Guard Richie Incognito to a three-year contract according to Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel. The full details of the contract haven't been announced, but I don't expect the deal to be for any huge amount of money.

This is great news for Dolphins fans because there were questions about Miami's interior offensive line next year, and keeping Incognito will allow us to worry a little bit less about those questions.

I believe that Incognito has been a guard for his whole NFL career, but I am not positive. Despite his past, though, there is actually a good possibility that he will be starting at center when the season rolls around. You guys may remember him playing a little bit at center later in the season. He did surprisingly well for just being an emergency fill-in, and because of how well he did, Miami could try and make him their permanent center.

Anything can happen between now and the beginning of the season, though, which is why nobody is really certain where Incognito will be playing on the line.

My hope is that he does play center and that Miami looks to strengthen the guard spot in the draft. I think that he can do really well, and he seems to think so too. Here is what he said about being a center to the Sun Sentinel:
"It feels like home. It's a position that plays to my strengths. I'm a strong guy in a short area. That's why there’s a comfort level there for me."
Sounds good enough to me. It is important for a player to be comfortable with his position, and Richie seems to like the thought of playing at center.

Now we just have to find out whom he will be snapping the ball to.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you guys think about re-signing Incognito.