Addressing Mark Ingram: Why The Miami Dolphins Need To Draft Another Back Later

Everyone has the Miami Dolphins taking Alabama RB Mark Ingram in the first round of their mock drafts. On the surface Ingram looks like a good, safe pick, but in reality it isn't as good as many think.

About a month ago, there were people comparing Ingram to Emmitt Smith. I think those were a bit premature, but that really had a lot of Dolphins fans wanting him.

The problem I have with taking a running back early in the draft isn't that I think that running back won't be great in the NFL. I expect Ingram to be a really good back. The problem is that you can always find great backs later on in the draft.

Mark Ingram could end up being a star running back in the NFL, and I acknowledge that. I just think it isn't worth wasting our first pick on a position that they could fill almost as easily with a later round pick.

If running back was Miami's biggest need, then I would also be in favor of taking Ingram. But, we don't even know if it is our biggest need because of the lockout. We aren't sure if we will have Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams because both could end up leaving or staying in Miami. We just don't know yet, and nothing will happen until free agency starts up.

Everyone is just assuming that Brown and Williams are gone, and I am not quite sure that will happen. Williams may likely be gone, but I think Brown will end up staying.

So, if the Dolphins drafted Ingram and re-signed Brown, then you have two backs without breakaway speed. I'm not saying that they are exactly the same running back because they aren't, but they are both slow and having two slow running backs isn't exactly ideal in the NFL.

What is more important is to get a quarterback or offensive lineman first and then a quick back later on. QB and OL are positions we know we have deficiencies in.

I want to know what you guys think. Sure, Ingram is good and will have a potentially great NFL career, but is it worth using our first pick on him when there are other problems to fix?

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think. I know Riverdog will provide his great insight on Brown in the comments below, so be sure to see what he has to say.