Brandon Marshall Shows Support For NFL Draft Prospect Ryan Mallett

This is why we all wanted Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall to be on twitter. I know I am supposed to be answering your draft questions, but I had to write about this. I will get back to the questions tomorrow. Today is all about Brandon Marshall and what he wrote on twitter.

Last night, Marshall wrote the following in a tweet:
"Listen to me. Ryan Mallett will be an All-Pro Qb."
I am not making this up either. Marshall really did say that. Seeing that tweet excited me because it means that Marshall would obviously be pleased if Miami did draft Mallett.

My hope is that someone in the Dolphins organization sees this tweet and it helps influence their decision at least a little bit. Miami invested a lot of money in Marshall so they want to keep him happy, and drafting Mallett would do just that.

This tweet also means that Marshall will be eager to work with Mallett if he comes to South Florida. That eagerness can only be a good thing and I am certain that it would result in instant chemistry between the two.

As you guys can probably tell I was very, very pleased to read this tweet. I have been a Mallett supporter this entire offseason, and it is awesome to hear the Miami Dolphins star wide receiver sharing the same view.

Marshall also had two other tweets of interest after his Mallett tweet. First, he said this:
"Rt it.. Blog it.. Hate it.. Criticize it.. Dolphins and 49ers in Super Bowl XLVI"
For those of you who don't know, RT stands for retweet, which is basically copying someone else's tweet and putting it on your profile page.

I am not quite sure why Marshall chose the 49ers to make the Super Bowl as well, but it is good to hear that he is trying to be positive, which leads me to his other tweet of interest:
"Tonight we will start our movement on getting our team and fans #believing again. Power of the tongue."
I like the positive energy Marshall is trying to have. He did make a pretty bold statement with his Super Bowl prediction, but I don't think that was a very big deal. The bigger deal to me was the fact that he is trying to increase the confidence of the Dolphins fan base. He is moving farther and farther away from the diva image that he got before he left Denver, and I think he is going to have an incredible season this year.

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