Clarifying Brandon Marshall And His Supposed Murderer

Ok, so yesterday I told you guys about a story involving current Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall and an apparent attempt at his life.

Today I will be explaining that story for you guys and what I believe happened. The link to the whole story is here:

So, some of you may know about Darrent Williams, a starting cornerback for the Denver Broncos, who was murdered early in the morning on January 1st, 2007. The rented white limousine Williams was in was hit by 15 bullets, and of the 17 passengers in the limo Williams was the only one who was killed.

The shooter was a street thug who went by Little Willie, and it is pretty obvious to me that Williams wasn't his intended target.

Brandon Marshall was.

The impression I got was that earlier that night Marshall's cousin, Blair Clark, was spraying champagne which normally that wouldn't be a problem. But I am pretty sure that Clark sprayed Little Willie, which made Little Willie very mad. Marshall never acknowledged that happening, but it is obvious that he was trying to cover for Clark and hide that he really did get Little Willie.

Clark later attempts to mess with two women, and Little Willie jumped in and came to their defense. Willie put his hand inside of his jacket like he was reaching for a gun, which angered Clark and caused him to grab Little Willie and hold him down in the snow.

Marshall and Clark confronted Little Willie later on and they argued tensely. From what I can tell, Willie made a gun with his fingers and pointed it at Marshall because of something he said. During their confrontation, Darrent Williams and others with him came to Marshall and Clark's aid.

Sometime after Williams and his group joined the argument they told the two cousins to "get in the limo," which is what made Little Willie think that Marshall and Clark were in the limo.

So, when he shot at the limo he figured that Marshall and Clark were in there.

I know this may be old news to some of you, but I am willing to bet that a lot of you don't know much about what happened. I never really paid much attention to it when Williams passed away, but hearing about Marshall interested me enough to research it.

Thank you guys for reading, and let me know what you think.