Fan Question: Fixing The Miami Dolphins Woes

Today's Miami Dolphins fan question is from Tom in Texas. Most of you guys know him as TXDOLFAN because he is a huge contributor in the comments.

Here is his question:
"I have been a DOLFAN from the beginning, having the pleasure of seeing them play their first game in the old Orange Bowl while awaiting the start of my Senior Year at Palmetto Sr High. Needless to say I am very concerned for the team and all the problems they have had the past two years. I wish for something that will not happen and that is a return to the style played under Don Shula. Considering the past is past, what do you foresee as the best solution to the team's woes that will be effective over the long term?"

Tom, let me first thank you for contributing so much in this blog. I enjoy reading your comments and enjoy your point of view. You are a vital part of this community, and I appreciate what you add to discussions.

Now, for my answer. I will start by saying that I strongly believe that drafting Ryan Mallett is the best solution to the Dolphins woes. You probably expected me to say that, but I am confident that he will be the franchise QB Miami has been in desperate need of since the end of the Marino-era.

I know you don't want to hear me talking about Mallett anymore, though, because you have already heard it all, so I will move on.

This year's draft class is very deep in the guard position, which is perfect for Miami. They could take Mallett in the first round and then get a few guards with their other later picks. Not having a second round pick isn't great, but the Dolphins could still fix their biggest problems without having to trade down.

I could also see the Dolphins drafting a running back later on, but I don't think they need one that badly. All they have to do is sign DeAngelo Williams and either re-sign Ronnie Brown to back Williams up or let Kory Sheets and Lex Hilliard compete for the 2nd RB spot.

As you know, everyone has been saying Miami should get Mark Ingram, but that isn't necessary because of free agency and the backs that the Dolphins already have on their roster. Most people who want Ingram don't know about Sheets or Hilliard, who could be very good running backs in the NFL if given a chance. Ingram is an unnecessary waste of a first round pick.

Thanks for asking the question TX. I hope I answered your question and if not just email me or ask more in the comments.

Thank you everyone for reading, and if you have a question be sure to email me at