Put Yourself In Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland's Shoes

Here is a great piece that Gary (aka Riverdog) emailed to me and asked that I put up for you guys regarding the Miami Dolphins and the NFL Draft.

It is a very interesting way of thinking, and I want to know what you guys would do. Here it is:
"Imagine for a second you are Jeff Ireland and it's your turn to select the 15th pick in the NFL draft. You have decided you are not going to trade out of the 15 pick, or all offers were turned down. You know that your owner likes to make headlines, and you also know you have one year to get things right or you will be sitting next to Parcells on his golf cart next year. Your owner has also told you in public he expects you to not do something stupid to improve the team such as trading the future for Carson Palmer.

You look at the board and see the following:
  • All 3 QBs you targeted are gone (Gabbert, Newton, and Mallett)
  • Ponder, Locker, and Kaepernick are all there
  • WR Julio Jones, the top rated OLB, and the top rated CB are sitting there
  • Carmini and Pouncey haven't been called yet
  • On top of all of that, Mark Ingram is waiting to be selected
Choose wrong and you are going to be castrated by not only the fans but also by your Boss. What are you going to do?"

Gary has a great idea with that, so now I want you guys to tell me what you would do.

Thanks for reading, and I really look forward to what you have to say.