Should The Miami Dolphins Consider Julio Jones If He Slips To The 15th Pick? (Fan Question)

Today's question about the Miami Dolphins and the NFL Draft is from Nolan Kane Swihart in Wasilla, Alaska. It is great to see Dolphins fans all the way up in Alaska, and thank you Nolan for the question.

He sent me a good bit of questions, but my favorite question is this:
"Should the Dolphins consider Julio Jones if he slips to the 15th pick?"
The short answer to that is no, but you didn't ask for a short answer so I will explain.

Jones is definitely a very talented receiver. He will be successful in the NFL, and I am confident in that. Miami just doesn't need him, and I don't think they should "waste" their 15th overall pick on a receiver when they have other bigger needs and not another pick until the 3rd round.

Instead of Jones the Dolphins need to draft either an offensive lineman or quarterback. That way they can fix one problem and use some of their later picks to fix another. Drafting Jones would give Miami an even better receiving corps, but a better receiving corps wouldn't help any without a quarterback or a good enough offensive line to protect that quarterback. Plus, if Miami wants another receiver, they can just wait until free agency and sign a receiver like Mike Sims-Walker.

Jones is a tempting pick, but I wouldn't count on him going to the Dolphins.

A lot of NFL Draft analysts argue that it is better to draft the most talented player available over a certain need a team has, but I disagree with that. There are a lot of instances where it wouldn't make sense to draft the most talented player. A team must have a big enough need at a certain position to draft a player of that position, and that applies to Miami here. Sure, they need a burner WR, but not badly enough to focus on fixing that before OL and QB.

The only instance I could see Miami drafting Jones in the first is if they trade down to a later pick and he is still available. That way they would have extra picks to use on QB and OL, but it isn't very likely that he would fall to whatever new spot the Dolphins are at.