Should Stephen Ross Cut Tony Sparano And Jeff Ireland Some Slack Because Of The CBA? (Fan Question)

Today's Miami Dolphins question is from Shawn in Connecticut, who is a regular commenter and is another vital part of the discussions on Dolphin Shout. I really liked his question, and I think you guys will enjoy it. Here it is:
"Considering the current CBA situation should Stephen Ross give Sparano and Ireland the benefit of the doubt if Miami has a losing season? Or should Ross pull the trigger and fire them?"
I think it will depend on how bad their record is and how much time they have to prepare.

If the Dolphins were to go 7-9 but a new CBA wasn't reached until a week or two before the season started, then I could see Ross giving them another chance. If they went 7-9 with a month or more to prepare, then I couldn't see them keeping their jobs.

Anything worse than 7-9 and I would expect them to be fired. Stephen Ross doesn't seem to me like a very patient man, and 10 or more losses in a season would almost certainly result in him firing the two.

One thing that I could see happening if the Dolphins don't do well is Ross just firing Sparano and not Ireland. I get the feeling that Stephen Ross trusts Jeff Ireland way too much and because of that his job is much, much safer than Sparano's. I am not quite sure if you guys get the same feeling as me, though, so please let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Thanks everyone for reading and thanks Shawn for the question.