Will The Miami Dolphins Take A QB In The Third Round?

Now that the first round has passed and the Miami Dolphins have selected Mike Pouncey it is time to look to their next pick.

Because of the trade to get Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins don't have a pick in the second round, so we have to look to their third round pick at 79 overall.

The question for their third round pick is will they take a quarterback? I believe they are still considering drafting a quarterback, but the good ones who are available now will likely be gone before Miami's pick.

Quarterbacks like Andy Dalton, Ryan Mallett, and Colin Kaepernick are still available. Do I think any of those three will fall to the middle of the third round? No, but there is always a chance. In the NFL Draft, players who you don't expect to slide will slide, and I am hoping that one of those falling players is Mallett, Dalton, or Kaepernick.

You guys obviously know that I want Mallett to slide to 79 the most, but I don't expect him to even come close to the third round.

The player I could see falling of those mentioned above is Kaepernick. Of the three, Kapernick was projected to go the latest, and that could still happen. You never know, though. He could be taken before both Mallett and Dalton. This has been a pretty crazy draft so far with players like Jake Locker being taken 8th overall and Christian Ponder 12th. I was shocked when I saw Ponder taken so early, and I may have a similar reaction with Kaepernick. I may not be as surprised, but you never know.

Another QB that Miami could end up getting that I haven't talked much about is Ricki Stanzi. Stanzi is a very solid passer, and his leadership would be a welcome trait after Miami has had to deal with a poor leader like Chad Henne for two years.

That's all I've got for now. After thinking about it for a little while I am content in the Dolphins getting Pouncey. Sure, they didn't get Mallett, but they fixed a big need on the offensive line.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think they will do at 79th.