Miami Dolphins Brandon Marshall Has Already Resumed Workouts

Apparently Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall has already been working out for the past two weeks. According to Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel, Marshall resumed his workouts with Fit Speed Inc. two weeks ago.

This is good news, because we want him to be able to return to as good, if not better shape, than he was before he was stabbed. Fit Speed has been good for him in the past, and I am glad that he has been able to get back to them again.

Marshall has mentioned on his twitter that they have him doing exercises that speed up his reaction time, which will be helpful for catching the ball. He never said what the exercise actually was, but I am confident that it will help him.

Thank you guys for reading, and hopefully this means he will get to working out with the other group of Dolphins players that have already been working together.

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