Relive Some Of The Miami Dolphins Greatest Moments With Ron's World

I wanted to use today's post to talk to you guys about something that I am sure a lot of you would be very interested in as Miami Dolphins fans, because I was when I first saw it.

About a year ago I came across a site created by Ron Weiss called Ron's World of Miami Dolphins. What is so special about Ron's site is that he has a HUGE archive of games dating back to 1960 available for sale or trade.

Ron has the largest Miami Dolphins DVD archive in the world. Any Miami Dolphins game you can think of, Ron has it. Ron is looking to trade the disks or to sell them.

You can see a complete list of the games that he has here:

Once you get to this page click on the years that you are looking for on the left.

I seriously think that you guys would like this. I know I will. Ron is sending me every Dolphins game from last season, which I will be using to study and make highlight (and lowlight) films with.

Ron also has a DVD with every single touchdown that Dan Marino threw in his career. I know that would be a great watch for all of us who miss the good ole days of Marino.

If you are interested in buying or trading games from Ron, please email him at If you guys would like to check out the rest of his site just go to

I hope you guys enjoy what I have found, and thank for reading.

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