View Highlights Of Every Miami Dolphins Draftee [Video]

I figured it would be good to show you guys some highlight videos of the players that the Miami Dolphins drafted in this year's draft, so I have included them below.

The first highlight is a pretty short video about G/C Mike Pouncey, who the Miami Dolphins drafted in the first round. I like Pouncey, and I think he will help the Dolphins offensive line significantly.

The next highlight is of RB Daniel Thomas. I don't especially like this pick for reasons that most of you know, but he does have the potential to be a really good back in the NFL so I am alright with it.

Now I have two videos to show you guys about speedy WR Edmond Gates. Gates is my favorite pick of the draft. He fills a huge need. I know the two videos are pretty long, but I encourage you to watch them because Gates' speed is pretty incredible and it looks like he can actually catch (unlike Ted Ginn).

The next highlight is of HB/TE Charles Clay. I like this pick almost as much as Gates because he is a physical player who can also catch the ball. He is kind of the Dolphins version of Danny Woodhead without the speed and he is taller than Woodhead.

The last is an interview with CB Jimmy Wilson. I couldn't find any highlights of his, but hopefully you guys won't mind this.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think about any of these prospects.