Why Not Vince Young For The Miami Dolphins?

I am continuing the discussion from yesterday about the QBs available to the Miami Dolphins.

One name that I saw you guys liked and I agree with was Vince Young.

Sure, he has concerns about how well he can work with a coach, but if he came to Miami he wouldn't even be guaranteed a starting spot. That would be a good thing because he would have to compete with Chad Henne and work his way into starting. If he ends up not listening well enough, then he just won't start without much harm done.

Young would also come with a pretty cheap price tag because he isn't exactly the hottest QB on the market right now. He is a free agent, so Miami doesn't even need to give up draft picks to trade for him. Other quarterbacks like Kevin Kolb and Kyle Orton would require trading a very high draft pick, and then they would want more money than Young.

Young allows the Dolphins to not put all of their eggs in one basket, and there aren't any available quarterbacks with the potential to be as dynamic as him that are as low risk.

Bringing in Young would also satisfy those of us who think Henne deserves another chance. This way he would get some competition and not be completely eliminated from the running for the starting spot.

Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel brought up a good question a few days ago, which was this: which available quarterback would put the most fear into the hearts of the Jets and Patriots, and which quarterback would be the hardest to gameplan for?

I believe Vince Young is the best answer to that question. He is a dynamic player similar to Michael Vick in that he can take off and run for a big gain at any time.

Young actually has a winning record as a starter. He hasn't even been that bad in the NFL. He hasn't been incredible, but he has still done pretty well.

I want to know what you guys think. Young could be a dynamic player that could still end up being a really good NFL quarterback.

Thanks for reading.