You Tell Me: Which Available QB Do You Want Most For The Miami Dolphins?

Contrary to what I am sure is popular belief, I am not boycotting writing about the Miami Dolphins due to some of their recent boneheaded moves.

I am sorry for not posting in the past two days. I have been experiencing technical issues that have not allowed me to post using my laptop. Those issues have been fixed, though, so I am back and ready for some good discussion on this beautiful Mothers Day.

I am not sure how many mothers we have that come to Dolphin Shout, but if you are a mother please be sure to leave a comment below so we can shower you with praise for all of your hard work, because you deserve it.

Now, for the first "You Tell Me" in a good while: what QB do you want the Miami Dolphins to sign or trade for the most out of the available prospects, or do you want Miami to stick with Chad Henne?

I will list out some of the main prospects for your consideration, and then I am excited to hear your reactions.

1. Vince Young - Very dynamic player, but has some leadership and/or character issues that could pose a problem.

2. Donovan McNabb - 34 years old and coming off of a poor year. In his prime he was a great QB in the NFL.

3. Kevin Kolb - Pretty young QB with a good bit of upside. He would probably take a first round draft pick to get, though.

4. Carson Palmer - 31 years old, but appears to have a good number of years left in the tank. Could fill in nicely until Miami finds a younger guy.

5. Kyle Orton - 28 and can put up some very big numbers. Might be a bit of a challenge to get him from Denver.

Those are just the prospects that I can think of that the Dolphins would actually consider getting. Let me know if you would like Miami to go after any of them or if you would just rather they stick with Chad Henne.

Thanks for reading, and let me hear it.