Ronnie Brown Leaving The Miami Dolphins Is A Shame

All signs seem to be pointing to Ronnie Brown leaving the Miami Dolphins once free agency starts.

I hate to say that it makes sense for him to go, but it does. The Dolphins need a speedy running back, and Brown doesn't really fit that mold. I don't want to say that he and Daniel Thomas are the same type of running back, but they aren't much different speed-wise and their running styles probably wouldn't work together.

The problem here is what the Dolphins did in the draft. They knew that Brown would like to come back to Miami, yet they still traded up and drafted Daniel Thomas in the second round.

Will Thomas do well in the NFL? Most likely, but why did the Dolphins have to draft him so high when they already had a similar running back who wanted to play for them. They could have just planned on re-signing Brown and signing another free agent back, but instead they used a second round pick that could have been used on someone else (and I'm pretty sure you guys know who that someone else is).

This isn't the worst mistake that Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano have made, but I still think it could have been handled better. I can understand that they weren't planning on Ricky Williams wanting to come back, but they knew that Brown wanted to and still passed him up.

I especially hate it for Brown, because he has not complained at all. He has been consistently saying that he would like to stay in Miami, yet they have blown him off like he is nothing and hasn't done anything for them during his time there. I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes, and I really hope he doesn't go to New England or New York.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about Brown, Ireland, Sparano, and the whole situation.

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