Should I Still Post Every Day?

Today's post isn't exactly about the Miami Dolphins, but it is about this Miami Dolphins blog.

In a comment yesterday @13kvFINS said that some of the discussions from posts on previous days tend to disappear once a new post is up, and I believe he is right

So, what I want to know is if I should continue to post every day or should I start to post every other day? Do you guys want more discussion on certain topics and less topics given by me or do you want less discussion and more topics to read about?

Let me first say that I do not mind either way. I am more than happy to post every day if that is what you guys want. If you guys enjoy the discussion more when I leave the same post up for a while, then that is just as good.

You guys give me your input. If you want to email me your input instead of commenting below feel free to mail me at

Thanks for reading and keeping this blog alive in the offseason.

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