Shout Out To Miami Dolphins TE Anthony Fasano

Today I wanted to dedicate a post to a Miami Dolphins player who doesn't normally get a lot of attention despite how much he contributes to the team, and that player is Anthony Fasano.

Fasano might be the most underrated Tight End in the NFL.

Because of his past two seasons with Chad Henne not throwing him the ball nearly or accurately enough his numbers are not as close to as high as they can be, but you can't just look at the numbers. Most people who don't like Fasano are strictly looking at his numbers and assuming that he isn't good enough when he actually is.

Just looking at numbers when judging a tight end or a receiver is usually a mistake. The biggest reason for Fasano's lack of production was his connection with Henne. Thankfully, the chemistry between the two is becoming less of a problem. When I was watching film I noticed a nice connection developing between Fasano and Henne as the season went on. It was very encouraging to see them working so well together, and hopefully they will continue to work and develop together and Fasano will get the kind of numbers that he is capable of.

One other thing that I like a lot about Fasano is the passion and intensity that he plays with. When Henne would make a bad throw Fasano wouldn't be afraid to tell him. I noticed a couple of times where Fasano was yelling at Henne after a bad pass or a bad decision on a pass and Henne would argue back. I am encouraged by that. Partly because Henne is showing emotion, but also because It shows me that they both care about what they are doing and aren't afraid to make sure that the other is doing what it takes to win. I know it sounds weird to like when a receiver is arguing with his quarterback, but that is a lot better than the receiver not even bothering to communicate with his quarterback because he's given up on him.

Fasano is just a lot better than he is given credit for. He will be a very dangerous threat to defenses once he and Henne are on the same page and really start to work well together.

Thanks for reading, thank you to Adam for giving me this great idea for a post, and please leave your comments about Fasano, because I know some of you don't really like him and some of you do.

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