What Should The Miami Dolphins Do With Charles Clay? (Fan Question)

Today's question is a fun one from Tom in Texas, or TXDOLFAN. Thanks again for the question Tom, I loved the question and I believe the Miami Dolphins are trying to decide the same thing.

If anyone else has a question please see how to ask it at the bottom of this post. I love your questions, and I would like to get as many as possible to survive this darn locked out offseason.

Here is his question:
"If given the choice as the Offensive Coordinator, would you play Clay as an H-back or a Tight End?"
I would use Clay primarily as an H-back.

I'm sure he is a good tight end, but I am still among the group of fans who believe in Anthony Fasano and what he is capable of doing. Fasano was great when he had a TE friendly QB in Chad Pennington. His numbers have dropped off these past two seasons because he has had Chad Henne throwing the ball. Fasano is a great NFL TE, and I am hoping Miami is able to get him a QB that can hit him with the ball.

I think Clay would be great catching the ball out of the backfield. No he isn't especially fast, but he seems to be able to pick up a lot of yards through receptions. My hope is that he could be similar to Danny Woodhead of the Patriots in the sense that he is another receiver that teams will have to account for. He may not be as fast as Woodhead, but the impression I get is that Clay can catch just as well as him.

If I were Brian Daboll, I would train Clay to be the best possible blocker he can be. From what I hear, he is an average blocker. If Daboll can develop him into a great blocker, then he could be extremely helpful in the passing game. He could go out as a receiver, he could block, or he could hit a defender once like he was blocking and then go out for a reception while the defense isn't expecting it.

I said it once or twice before, but I really like the Charles Clay pick. He is very versatile, so he can be used in multiple places and defenses will have to make sure they cover him well.

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Thanks everyone for reading.

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