Why Do The Miami Dolphins Not Give Tyler Thigpen More Of A Chance?

I am constantly getting the impression that the Miami Dolphins are not giving Tyler Thigpen a fair opportunity for the starting spot.

That really disappoints me because I believe that Thigpen could be a great quarterback for Miami, and I am very confident that he can be much better than Chad Henne.

Why? You ask. Well, he does not get scared and he is confident in his abilities. Two things that Chad Henne cannot say about himself. Thigpen is ten times the playmaker that Chad Henne is. Thigpen could actually bring some life to the Dolphins football team.

Do any of you remember the Week 10 game against Tennessee? Thigpen played great. He made things happen with his feet, and he ended up with a 141.7 passer rating. Thigpen was awesome that game, but he didn't seem to get enough credit for it. What people remember is the following game against Chicago where the Thigpen-lead Dolphins were unable to score a single point and were shut out.

The game against the Bears was not even close to Tyler Thigpen's fault. It was the fault of the Miami Dolphins injury-plagued offensive line. Thigpen didn't even have an opportunity to make a play because they were constantly being blitzed and he had no time to do anything. Chad Henne would have been even worse because he has no legs at all. I want you guys to try and imagine how he would have been. Not good, right?

If Michael Vick were starting for Miami against the Bears he wouldn't have been able to do anything with that line either, and that's saying something because he plays behind a below average line already.

Want more proof that Thigpen deserves a fair opportunity for the starting spot? Here is a quote from him recently on Omar Kelly's radio show that I just love to hear:
"If I was given opportunity to be starter, I could help (Brandon Marshall) get back to being an All-Pro again"
That is something that Chad Henne would never say in a million years, because I don't think he would be able to do it. Thigpen can, and he has the confidence to do it as well, another thing Henne doesn't have.

One last thing that I like about Thigpen is that he realizes how good of a receiver Anthony Fasano is. Fasano was a top scoring TE when Chad Pennington was his quarterback. His numbers only dropped when Chad Henne became the starter. Thigpen realizes the weapon that he has even more than the Dolphins coaches do, and I know he would be ready to use Fasano successfully instead of sparsely like Henne.

That's all I've got. Let me hear what you guys think about Tyler Thigpen and if you think he deserves and/or is getting a fair shot.

Thanks for reading.

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