Can the Miami Dolphins Design an Offense for Chad Henne?

Don Shula went to the Super Bowl with Earl Morral (Colts), Bob Griese, David Woodley and Dan Marino. Each of these QBs had a unique skill set and each had his weaknesses. Shula’s genius was his ability to adapt his offense to the strengths of those QBs and put them in a position to be successful. Many coaches today are system coaches, they develop a system and then try to find the pieces for that system. When a team does not have the pieces the system breaks down and the coach fails. The same will happen with Tony Sparano and Brian Daboll if they cannot put Chad Henne in a position to be successful.

After three seasons we have had enough time to evaluate Chad Henne and to gain an accurate assessment of his strengths and weaknesses. By looking at what Henne does well and what he does poorly an offensive coordinator can then begin to design an offense that will utilize his strengths and avoid his weaknesses. There is a question of whether this is possible with Henne but that would only come from people who believe in systems and not coaches.

The main issue with Henne’s passing is aiming; Henne tends to aim the ball instead of throwing it. The importance of this is what many have labeled as robotic. Henne seems like a robot because he looks very mechanical in his throwing motion. A thrower has a feel for how the ball should arrive to the receiver, whether it should be lofted up over the defender, thrown to the back shoulder or rifled in. In contrast, an aimer has no feel and his passes tend to be thrown hard and flat with no loft. He tries to throw the ball to a spot on long passes instead of lofting the ball and allowing the receiver to run under it.

Most readers now can see exactly what the issue is with Henne but that does not mean an offense cannot be designed for his strengths. His arm strength is exceptional but he does not complete long passes often because those types of passes can rarely be thrown on a line like a laser. Plays designed for Henne would have to be very defined. Three step drops to hard slants, skinny posts and quick outs. Long passes must be designed to be thrown to an exact spot on the field. These passes can rarely be to the sideline because those passes must be thrown over the top. That is the reason the Dolphins do not throw fade routes with Henne because he cannot throw over the top.

His offense has to be a quick hitting offense, but Henne actually throws the ball with more feel when he is rolling out. When his feet are completely under him drives the ball on every throw, but when he is moving he is forced to loft the ball. In this case touch passes from Henne should come from him in a moving pocket. The wildcat offense was best when Chad Pennington was at the helm, but has never worked with Henne. This is because Pennington was not affected by being removed from the game or being split out and removed from the play, Henne is. Henne is a rhythm passer and once he is in a rhythm history shows he will lose it the moment he is pulled for the wildcat. A good coach will recognize this and realize the wildcat may have worked with Chad Pennington but it does not work with Chad Henne. The wildcat should be removed from the offense when Henne is at QB.

It is easy to look at a player and see only the weaknesses. It is a coach’s job to find the strengths and put the player in a position to be successful. It is obvious Dan Henning did not understand this concept and Bill Parcells was an even worse dictator. The object is not to force a player into situations where the chances of success are slim, the object is to use a player’s strengths and win football games. Don Shula knew this, it is up to Tony Sparano to figure it out. Sparano can blame Chad Henne for his failure should it come to that or Sparano with Daboll can design his offense around the strengths of his QB.

What do you think? Can an offense be designed for Chad Henne?

5 Step Plan To Fix The Miami Dolphins

I have another submission from Kenny Nicholas (13kvFINS). This is a piece that he wrote just after the Jim Harbaugh fiasco with the Miami Dolphins. He made some changes to it to remove the parts that are no longer relevant, but it is still a very good piece that I know you guys will enjoy.

As you may know, Kenny is ever the optimist, and he is a very positive person. I imagine his writing is refreshing to you guys after all of the negative stuff I say, so I plan on adding him as a writer at Dolphin Shout very soon. Jeff Brennan had to leave us because of family issues, so he will just be replacing Jeff.

Now for his work. I hope you guys enjoy:

FIVE-STEP PLAN (Kenny wrote this at the beginning of the year) with edits to accommodate today!!

Tony Sparano is far from the worst coach we've ever had, and remains a favorable option for us, in spite of what malcontent ex-Dolphin players might suggest, most of the player's respect, like, and want to give him 110% till the end!! He has always held himself accountable, never makes excuses, and he's a stand-up guy!!

He's still learning, and has had a lot of bad breaks along the way!! I'm sure he's been seriously enlightened over the last six months or so, and I strongly doubt he can have a third consecutive year with the multitude of injuries and the unbelievable happenings that have cursed our team!!

I'd gather that Tony Sparano now realizes that the offensive gameplan needs to get offensive!! That he needs to spend time figuring-out how to evolve toward trying to win NOW with an aggressive approach, rather than worrying compulsively about the potential negative percentages while pursuing success, in trying not to lose!!

There's no reason for him to hold back, it's now or never, long-term team planning is out the window, change his conservative philosophy, and win in 2011 to retain "the best job on the planet"!! One step in the right direction!!

What we all agreed on is that Henning had to go, and he's gone, Two steps!!

We all know that we need an interior offensive line that can stay healthy and play together for the most part of 16 game's, (we were able to field the same starting offensive line in back-to-back weeks no more than twice in 2010 if at all), and that factor will be addressed whole heartedly, Three steps!!

We all know we need lots of speed on the offensive side of the ball, CHECK!! While we also need a QB to push, and possibly supplant Chad Henne, and that these agreed upon needs will also be aggressively approached, Four steps?!!??!?!? Half-a-step!!

Drop the ball half as many times on both sides of the ball in 2011 compared to 2010!! We had twenty-plus dropped interception opportunities off of the defenders hands and/or chest, with seven of them being guaranteed pick-sixes had they been caught because there wasn't an opposing team member between the interceptee and the endzone!! Five steps!!

Just with step five, we win 3 more games in 2010 and/or in 2011 (should those similar opportunities arise)!! Make notable improvements to all five steps (not at all impossible), and we can't possibly be less efficient, while we likely win three more games in 2011 than the 7 - 9 end-result of 2010!!

We all (FIN staff included) knew all of this before the Harbaugh thing (NOTHING HAS CHANGED), we're no worse for trying, and they'll have a favorable plan without the landing of Harbaugh!!

The longer the CBA took to be unresolved, the better the choice of sticking with Tony Sparano became, because until it was resolved coaches can't interact with players in team activities!! If it takes until summer (June, July, August), it'll be a really good thing that TS was such a man about all that has taken place, because he knows his team and what needs to take place!! Harbaugh and the team would be absolutely lost in the same instance!! Who's to say that Harbaugh would have hit the jackpot in his 1st Head Coach Free Agent/Draft opportunity?? After all Jeff Ireland would have still been the General Manager!! Tony Sparano is no more entirely to blame than any one individual Miami Dolphin staff member or player, and doesn't deserve our disrespect!! I think I'll get my guarantee of a more aggressive offense, with the revelatios righteously forced upon Tony!!


So, how many more steps would you suggest need to be taken, if Jeff Ireland asked Mother May I??

A Look At The Miami Dolphins Kevin Burnett

Ok, so it has been said a number of times that the Miami Dolphins have done next to nothing during the free agency period, and I, like others, am very disappointed. Maybe one thing they have done right is to bring in Kevin Burnett from the Chargers.

Now, I was not very happy to see them let Crowder go, but Burnett does have some decent numbers. Last year, he had 80 tackles, 6 sacks, and 2 interceptions. Crowder was averaging close to 60 tackles per season, and had 2.5 sacks and 1 interception last year. I would think that we have upgraded at that position with this move, even though a lot of it had to do with Ireland's personal relationship with Burnett from the Cowboys. I guess we just have to grasp at what we can, and hope that Paul is right about the Orton deal. Maybe, just maybe, that will come to fruition.

Maybe one day the Miami Dolphins will have a quarter back that we can get excited about. Until then, we can just lust for the day that we have a new coach and GM.

Any thoughts? Thanks for reading.

Kyle Orton Joining The Miami Dolphins Still May Be A Possibility

I have been hearing, and I believe, that it is still possible that the Miami Dolphins could end up trading for Kyle Orton.

There have been a lot of rumors recently, which you can expect with such a busy time in the NFL. I have heard some say that there is still a good chance that the Dolphins could end up getting Orton, and I have heard others say that the deal is dead.

So when in doubt, analyze, and that is just what I am going to do.

It makes more sense to me to think that the Dolphins still want to get Kyle Orton.

First off, I have heard a good amount of chatter regarding Chad Henne and a lot of bad passes in just two days of practice. While that is bad news for Dolphins fans, it could also be good news because it could convince Miami that they NEED to get a real quarterback like Orton. Henne's poor play could very well trigger the Dolphins to make a trade out of desperation and get Orton.

Second, Orton's value is going down simply because most other teams have already added their quarterbacks and there aren't really that many options for him anymore. When Orton realizes that he isn't going to get the kind of money he was demanding at first, he will be more willing to lower his price to come play in Miami. He does not want to be a backup behind Tim Tebow, and I get the feeling he will start to be a little desperate himself and be willing to take a lot less money.

Third, I know the Dolphins do not want Matt Moore as their backup. Moore just isn't the type of player you want to rely on if your number one goes down. I would much rather Orton as the starter with Henne as the backup. That would be a lot better.

And last, this is the type of thing Jeff Ireland would do. He will look for the best bargain for a player, even if it is a player that they need really badly. He knows that Henne has been looking bad at practices so far. He knows that Orton would be able to do a lot better than Henne. He is just trying to get as much value as possible, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing, and this time it is bad. He needs to go ahead and pull the trigger on the trade. Orton may not have a lot of options right now, but it isn't like the Miami Dolphins are the only possible team that he could go to. He could end up going somewhere else and the Dolphins would be forced to stick with Henne, and I am pretty sure Jeff Ireland doesn't want to rely on Henne this season with his job potentially on the line.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think about all of this. I haven't plugged my twitter account in a while, so here it goes. If you are on twitter be sure to follow me @PaulDSmythe.

Thanks again.

So Here is What The Miami Dolphins Have, Let's Hope For The Best!

Well, not much activities from the Miami Dolphins camp so far, or just not what we were counting on.

We have three quarter backs, but not what we were counting on.

We picked up a running back, but not what we were hoping for.

As usual, we are disappointed in the decision making of our front office. The best we can hope for is some pleasant surprises. I, for one, will remain optimistic and hope for the best. Maybe Henne will come out, be a super star, and lead the Miami Dolphins to at least the first round of the playoffs!

I still have some faith that Reggie Bush will improve our back field and I am glad we got him. I am still hoping for another back, maybe bringing back Ronnie, or getting someone else. I am still hoping for a lot of improvement from Henne and am glad we at least have someone to back him up if he gets hurt. No, Matt Moore is no better, but he is something. Maybe Devlin will blow us all away! Seriously, we have to grab at something!

Perhaps the best we can hope for is that the two pet monkeys in charge will once again show how inept they are, finally be held accountable, and Ross will get a pair and do the right thing.
I know the other writers and myself were hoping to have better news for Paul when he came back, but it didn't happen. Better luck next year, I guess.

Your thoughts?

Reader Submission: A Unique And Optimistic Look At The Miami Dolphins Right Now

Hey everyone, I have a little piece submitted to me by Kenny Nicholas (you know him from his comments as 13kvFINS) that looks at the Miami Dolphins right now in a very optimistic, but entertaining way.

I hate to call him a reader because he has contributed a lot to Dolphin Shout, but anyways, here is what he submitted to me. I have tried to keep it as close to what he submitted to me as possible:

You know I've suggested all-along that even if we fielded the same 2010 team in 2011 that the difference of QB friendly play-calling, a somewhat healthy cohesive OL, reasonable team-wide health, and a few executed play's here and there could be enough to surpass those guys with an airplane on their helmet!!

They (the Jets) have lost several key cogs that single-handedly won numerous games for them and will come back to the pack (to some extent) IMHO, while we've become no-weaker than our 2010 team that was a healthy OL, intelligent play-calling, clock management, execution of an easy play here and there on all three sides of the ball, or a bad referees call away from double-digit victories!!

Correct any one phase, or make one more play in five (one score losses) of our nine defeats, and we potentially win twelve 2010 game's, but I'll take ten or eleven!!

They've definitely lost some key components, and we have definitely added a delinquent aspect of serious speed to 2010/2011's team, with youth and versatility at RB with Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, Nic Grigsby, FB/TE/TB with Clay, and at WR/KR/PR with Reggie Bush Clyde Gates!! (Who they gonna kick away from), who they gonna cover when Bush/Thomas, Clay, Gates, Marshall and Bess are all on the field??

Besides that, I'd really be frustrated if we gave up 2012's 2nd rounder for Orton or anybody (even though I like him), while I believe we still might get him for extra cheap, compensatory and contract wise!! I've said for 6 months, I didn't want to give-up a 2nd rounder for a QB that's likely to be an 2012 FA if he stays where he is (which is likely)!!

If Denver isn't willing to take a 4th at this point, we'll get him for free when they have no other choice, be it this year or next!! (If we still need/want him at that point)?? I think they're foolish if they let him go!! What do they do if Tebow struggles or gets hurt?? But @ 9Mill, hopefully they'll be forced into foolishness, and make (presently looking like Bozo to some) Ireland look like Belichick!! Either way another veteran will be brought in on the cheap (Orton, Bulger, Delhomme).

I have faith in CH behind a cohesive OL, reasonable team health, wise play-calling, and a few executed plays beyond CH's control in all three on field phases of the game. I also know that he himself can't help but be more efficient in executing the wide open plays that he missed in 2010!!

We can forget about surpassing the Pats anytime soon, but second place sounds really good to me!! How-bout you??

Traitor! Will Jason Taylor Rejoin Miami in 2011?

Hello Dol-Fans!

It’s been widely rumored that Jason Taylor (“J.T.”) is interested in rejoining the Miami Dolphins this season now that he’s officially parted ways with our hated divisional rival “J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets” – yuck! Just thinking of the chant turns my stomach, as does seeing him in puke green.

Anyway, let’s analyze this for a moment. An aging J.T. back with Miami to finish his career. Would this help or hinder our beloved Dolphins? His production level was at its second lowest point over his 15 year career last season (36 Tackles,5 Sacks, 2 FF), but he was used mostly as a “situational pass rusher.”

Couldn’t Miami use him the same way this year? I’d say a resounding yes! Welcoming J.T. back with open arms, with a minimal 2 year contract, would be a prudent move. Why? Simple, we gain a knowledgeable and talented veteran player that should come relatively cheaply; he’s good for at least 5 Sacks and a couple of turnovers at least, playing opposite to Cameron “Earthquake” Wake, and he possesses inside intel on the Jets!

Furthermore, J.T.’s Hall of Fame bound when he does call it a career, so mend the fences now before the teary-eyed farewell. Come on Mr. Ireland, you know it’s the right thing to do.

What are your thoughts?

Matt Moore to the Rescue in Miami?

Hello Dol-Fans!

After attempting to pound out a trade agreement with Denver for highly touted Kyle Orton, Miami switched gears and signed veteran QB Matt Moore (CAR), to a two year, 5 million dollar deal today.

Matt Moore is 7 – 6 as a career starter for the Carolina Panthers over the last four years. The undrafted QB from Oregon State boasts (I use that word loosely) a career passer rating of 55.2, 5 TD’s, and 10 INT’s. In all fairness, he did play for a very underwhelming Panthers team, so these statistics might be somewhat skewed. Nonetheless, I don’t feel this was a productive signing. The odds of Matt Moore pushing Chad Henne for the starting QB job, is about as great as the Cleveland Browns winning Super Bowl XLVI; sorry Dog Pound.

I don’t believe for a minute that the Dolphins are satisfied with the stalemate of the Orton deal, and I do believe that they’ll continue their pursuit of him into Training Camp.

Stay tuned Dol-Fans, it’s getting increasingly interesting with each passing day.

What’s your take on the Dolphins QB situation?

What's Next? Brett Favre to Miami?

Hello Dol-Fans!

With Miami’s failed attempts to land a quality Free Agent QB this year, we might as well hop on the “Favre Watch” bandwagon, and call the future Hall of Famer out of retirement again right? Would he be any worse than Matt Moore, Chad Henne, or an untested Rookie FA (Pat Devlin)? Heck, he might even be an upgrade even at 40+ years old.

It’s time our beloved Dolphins Front Office starts seriously looking at whether they want to challenge for the prized Lombardi Trophy, or be satisfied settling for .500 seasons.

Let me know what you think Dol-Fans! I’m eager to get your take.

Matt Moore To The Miami Dolphins? Really?

Here we go again. In yet another dumb move by the Miami Dolphins organization, the Dolphins have elected to pass up on Kyle Orton, a QB who is a proven starter capable of putting up big time numbers, and instead sign Matt Moore, a 2nd-string QB at best with passer rating last season of 55.6.

I'm not going to say that this was as big of a mistake as passing up on Ryan Mallett in the draft because I still believe not taking Mallett will be one of the biggest mistakes in the entire history of the Miami Dolphins organization, but I will say that it is a terrible decision that just makes you wonder whether Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano are trying to make us fans mad and not want to come to games.

Sure, Orton came with a much bigger price tag (2nd or 3rd round pick to the Broncos and give him a big contract) than Moore (2 year contract worth $5-7.5 million depending on his ability to meet incentives), but Orton would have actually been successful in Miami. Moore will, more than likely, not help at all. If anything he will probably hurt the Dolphins.

Miami should have taken the risk and traded for Orton, but they decided to go the safe route and end up looking like idiots in the process. A 2nd round draft pick and $7 million a year is not that much to pay for a player of Orton's caliber who could fix the Dolphins problems, but instead they elected to sign Moore and are essentially throwing away $2.5 million a year.

So congratulations Jeff Ireland, you have made your fan base angry yet again. I get the feeling that making Miami Dolphins fans angry is your main goal, because it certainly isn't making us happy.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. I had hoped to be a little more pleased with the results of free agency when I returned from my vacation, but too bad for me.

I do want to say that I have not given up on Chad Henne. I still think he will be able to turn it around this year, I just don't think he would have been able to do as well as Orton. Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano are definitely putting all of their eggs in one basket on this one. They better hope that Henne really is as good as they are counting on him to be. They will live and die by Sir Chad Henne's Sword.

One last thing, I saw this hilarious tweet today that I had to share with you guys. Please know that is does have some language in it. Click here for the tweet.

Thanks again for stopping by, and let me hear your reactions.

Miami Dolphins Release Channing Crowder

The Miami Dolphins have released LB Channing Crowder according to a tweet by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Crowder was scheduled to make $5 million next season, which is probably a big reason why the Dolphins cut him.

Crowder was a very talkative player in Miami, but I am pretty sure that he will not be missed very much.

Thanks for reading, and let me know whether you like the move to release him or not.

Things have to get done by the Miami Dolphins today!

OK, enough is enough and we can't wait much longer to get things finished in the Miami Dolphins world! All we've seen actually get done is a trade for Reggie Bush. Otherwise, we only hear about the Miami Dolphins negotiating, or who they would like to pick up. There are not a lot of quality players left out there and they are getting picked up quickly! We news a QB and Kyle Orton is just about all that is left, so we need to get the deal done. We also need to get at least one more running back and very few are left. I hope the front office has something up their sleeves or we could be in trouble or miss out on some good players. I can understand them wanting to see if the Broncos cut Orton but what if they do something else and keep him because they don't get what they want for him? We will be going into the season with a not so good QB situation.

I hope we hear something soon.

Have the Miami Dolphins Done Enough?

Hello Dol-Fans!

Take a look around, if you dare; Free Agent players are being swapped and signed everywhere! So where does this leave our beloved 'Fins in 2011. Well, until we sign a quality veteran QB to compete with Chad Henne, we're in quite a bind. Honestly, we need much more than that to be completely truthful. Let's take a look.

Positions of Need: QB, RB, OLB, DE, S

QB - Aside from signing Pat Devlin, the Dolphins are still trying to lock-up Kyle Orton. To date, that's still "in the works", so it really doesn't count.

RB - Signed Reggie Bush to a 2 year contract, but with his injury track record, it's best to resign Ronnie Brown as insurance.

OLB - We really haven't addressed this need as of yet. I believe the Front Office is hopeful that we can manage with what we've got on hand. Unfortunately, we won't know for sure until we see live action in the Pre-Season, and by then it might be too late.

DE - Resigning Randy Starks allow some shuffling along the D-Line which could open up some possibilities. We really won't know for sure what we'll have until we see some Pre Season games. I believe this is still a great area of need and concern.

S - This area has been a weak one for a few years now, and the Dolphins just haven't found the right combination to assist Yeremiah Bell. Hopefully we'll see a miracle in this area, but as of now there doesn't appear to be one on the horizon.

All being said... I believe the Dolphins will have a very competitive team this year with a lot of potential.

I'll keep my eyes peeled and ears alertly listening for additional updates, and post them ASAP.

Is Reggie Bush the Key to Unlock the Dolphins Offense?

Hello Dol-Fans!

In another wacky day of whirlwind trades and signings, I have to admit that this one caught me by surprise. I knew our beloved Dolphins would make FA splashes, but Reggie Bush? ‘Fins GM Jeff Ireland must think very highly of a player that has never really produced out of the backfield in his entire six year career, and reward him with a two year, 10 million dollar deal.

For those of you who aren’t quite up to speed on the Bush-Meister… I’ll provide you with a quick synopsis: 2005 Heisman Trophy Winner, USC (later revoked after the NCAA declared him ineligible); 2nd overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints; featured member of the XLIV Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Nope, not ‘til you look a bit deeper, then red flag warnings begin jumping off of the page! Let’s take a peek:

2006 – Rushing: 565yds. on 155 carries (3.6 avg.), 6 TD’s; Receptions: 88 for 742yds., 2 TD’s, 2 Fumbles

2007 – Rushing: 581yds. on 157 carries (3.7 avg.), 4 TD’s; Receptions: 73 for 417yds., 2 TD’s, 8 Fumbles

2008 – Rushing: 404yds. on 106 carries (3.8 avg.), 2 TD’s; Receptions: 52 for 440yds., 4 TD’s, 3 Fumbles

2009 – Rushing: 390yds. on 70carries (5.6 avg.), 5 TD’s; Receptions: 47 for 335yds., 3 TD’s, 4 Fumbles

2010 – Rushing: 150yds. on 36 carries (4.2 avg.), 0 TD’s; Receptions: 34 for 208yds., 1 TD, 2 Fumbles

By looking at this, you can easily deduce that he’s not a true rushing RB, but more of a hybrid RB/WR that suffers from chronic fumbling woes.

In all fairness to Mr. Bush, he did excel in his PR role for New Orleans, returning 4 punts for TD’s and was consistently considered a threat to go the distance.

So what’s the “skinny” on what South Beach can expect from Reggie Bush? Simply put, we’ve gained a veteran RB/WR/PR hybrid player, to be paired with our new “between the Tackles” workhorse in RB Daniel Thomas. We can fully anticipate seeing Bush mostly run sweeps and pitch running plays, as well as anticipate that he’ll often be aligned in the slot opposite WR Davone Bess. Additionally, fully expect Reggie Bush assume the duties of our primary Punt Returner.

All things considered, it may not be a bad move seeing as though we receive a 3-for-1 special in Reggie Bush. Additionally, he adds an element of explosiveness to the Offense which was lacking last season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he can stay healthy for the next two years, and be the role player the Dolphins Front Office imagines he has the potential to be.

Update on the Miami Dolphins

So far, from what I can see, the Miami Dolphins have managed to sign 11 undrafted free agents, and pick up Reggie Bush. I haven't seen them do anything as far as cuts, but rumor has it we may be keeping Ronnie Brown. We are still waiting on the Kyle Orton deal, which, it seems even more likely since Arizona has picked up Kevin Kolb. Now Miami is the only real home that Orton has unless Denver wants to cut other players to fit under the salary cap. I still fully expect Orton to come to Miami. Adding Orton would be a good finishing touch at the QB position, but we still need another running back. Are we bringing back Ronnie or someone else? What would you do?

Are the Miami Dolphins Making Moves?

So far, I have only been hearing speculations and rumors coming from the Miami Dolphins concerning the players they may be aquiring or letting go. I hear from the NFL network that we MAY have a deal to get Bush from New Orleans and we MAY be getting a deal done to pick up Kyle Orton from Denver.

It just seems to me that the Dolphins are moving too slow and players are disappearing quickly. Are we going after Bradshaw or not? We need to be. Are we going to let Ronnie and Ricky go or not? I would like to hear a lot more concerning what we are doing, as time is running out. What say you and who else is out there that you would be going after? I see Sproles is still there. Is he worth a look? And what is the price we are paying for Bush and Orton if we are indeed going to be picking them up? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

Lets keep it simple, Post Romurs Here !!!

In order to get into a flow for a discussion in what players are being talked about and why. For the time being please post any information you hear or want to discuss in this comment section.

The Miami Dolphins need more than just a Quarterback

First off, according to the NFL Network, all signs are pointing to Kyle Orton going to the Miami Dolphins. I will keep an eye on it and let you know if anything happens.

Now, let's look at what else the Dolphins need. With Ronnie and Ricky probably leaving, the Miami Dolphins will need at least two good running backs. DeAngelo Williams and Ahmad Bradshaw are the first on my list, but others are available. Marion Barber and Reggie Bush are both becoming available. We need at least two of these names going in to the season to join Daniel Thomas in the backfield. There's not much news coming from the Dolphins camp other than the Orton situation. We need to move fast on both of these positions, or we are going to miss out. What would you do?


Thigpen is leaving the Miami Dolphins

The NFL network is reporting that Tyler Thigpen is leaving the Miami Dolphins.

With Thigpen leaving, that leaves the QB situation in Miami even more crucial. I blogged before about Kyle Orton possibly coming to the Miami Dolphins. I didn't think it was a huge possibility before, but now I see it becoming more of a possibility. With Thigpen gone, we are left with just Chad Henne, so now we HAVE no choice. I expect the Miami Dolphins to be releasing players at a rapid pace, seeing as they were already 5 Million dollars over the salary cap. I predict that Ronnie and Ricky are already gone, but now I ask, who do you think the Dolphins will release to make room for the players they need? The QB position is not the only need the Dolphins have. They also need a couple of running backs, which I will blog about later. I see Kevin Kolb going to Arizona and Kyle Orton coming to Miami.

How do you see this playing out?

Orton is available. Can the Miami Dolphins get him?

The Denver Post reported this morning that Kyle Orton is going up for trade. There are three teams, including the Miami Dolphins who may be targeting Orton. One of those teams is the Arizona Cardinals, who may have their hearts set on Kevin Kolb. That may be good news for the Dolphins.

My question is, what would be an acceptable price for the Miami Dolphins to acquire Kyle Orton? Me, I think no higher than a third round draft pick. As much as I would like to see Orton go to Miami, I would like to see us be more conservative when picking up players than we have been in the past. My buddy Dave at, who makes amazing fishing jigs by the way (and yes that is a plug for a die hard Dolphin fan), says we can get Orton for a third round draft pick or higher. I hope he is right.

Now I ask you, what would be an acceptable price for Kyle Orton? And if not him, then who would you be looking at? Like I said before, I think we can expect a large improvement from Henne. Do you think we should rely on him or go after Orton? Let me know your thoughts!

Is Pat Devlin Miami's Next Marino?

Hello Dol-Fans!

With the expected frenzy of UFA’s being signed, the Miami Dolphins’ most intriguing one by far is QB Pat Devlin, University of Delaware. He possesses the prototypical size (6’3”, 225 lbs.) of a starting NFL QB, intelligence, poise, and arm strength to be a quality NFL starting QB.

So why wasn’t he drafted? Great question; I'm glad you asked. Unfortunately, there is no good answer or reason. Widely respected football scout and analyst Mike Mayock had this young man set to be drafted between the 3rd - 5th rounds of last April's draft. The Indianapolis Colts had expressed a lot of interest in Devlin as well, yet mysteriously he fell through the cracks.

So what's all the hoopla about this kid then? Again, I'm so glad you asked. Let's look at what intrigues Miami so. As a senior last fall, he led the nation in completion percentage (68.0), while throwing for 3,032 yards, 22 touchdowns and just three interceptions for a Delaware team that went 12-3, and eventually lost 20-19 to Eastern Washington in the FCS National Championship game. All told, Devlin won 18 games at Delaware, throwing for 38 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions. Scouts like his NFL-ready size and build, his classic over-the-top delivery and quick release, as well as his ability to see the entire field and challenge the defense with throws to every part of it. Though he played in mostly a spread offense at Delaware, his experience under center recently convinced NFL teams and scouts that he can handle running a pro-style offense.

Welcome aboard Mr. Devlin. We expect great things from you in the future.

Who is New

Guys if you hear about any rumours or signings post them here...

Buckle-Up 'Fins Fans, It's About to Get Wild!

Hello Dol-Fans!

It's very likely that the NFLPA is ready to agree to the new CBA, meaning our beloved Miami Dolphins will immediately embark on the free agent frenzy, the likes of which we've never seen before. So buckle up, it's going to be an insane whirlwind-like ride!

With all this said... which impact free agent should be the top FA target for Miami in 2011? Several names come to mind: CB Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK), DE Charles Johnson (CAR), RB Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG), DE Cullen Jenkins (GB), ILB Nick Barnett (GB), RB Reggie Bush (NO), etc... Any of these players would be an immediate upgrade at their respective positions in the Dolphins line-up, but none of them should be considered the top FA prospect. Why? Simple, a lot of these players are entering that performance plateau age of ~30+ (with the exception of Ahmad Bradshaw, 25) and will command huge multi-year contracts, that they'll likely never fulfill anyway. Furthermore, it's rumored that Bradshaw's much more likely to remain a Giant than allow another team to sign him away.

The answer: RB DeAngelo Williams (CAR). A speedy, elusive, game-breaking veteran RB, with gifted receiving hands, and a knack for 1st Down markers (22% of carries). GM Jeff Ireland should be salivating at the prospect of adding a player of this caliber to the Dolphins' Offensive arsenal. Close your eyes and imagine it... the beautiful 1 - 2 punch of Williams - DeAngelo, that is - and Thomas in the Miami backfield. Suddenly OC Brian Daboll has lightning and thunder at his immediate disposal, ready to unleash upon unsuspecting Defenses. Let's not forget the steady stable of workhorses we also have in FB's Lusaka Polite and Charles Clay, and RB's Lex Hilliard, Kory Sheets, and Patrick Cobbs in reserve roles as well.

Defenses would have absolutely no choice but to honor the run on every down, opening passing lanes and creating legitimate play action threats as well. With this one FA signing, the Dolphins could rise from Offensive cellar, to Offensive relevance in one year!

Some would argue that DeAngelo Williams is too small (5'8", 217 lbs.), too banged-up (missed 10 games in 2010 due to injury), and/or too old (28 yrs.). Honestly, he's none of those! His size is ideal for his presumed role in a West Coast Offense, he'll be well rested and recovered from injury, and should have at least 2 - 3 years of quality production left in the tank, maybe more. This is a RB that has averaged over 1000+ yards of total offense over the last 5 seasons in a part-time role for the Carolina Panthers. Need I say more?

Mr. Ireland, make the necessary phone calls, prep the checkbook, release the dead weight in Ricky Williams and potentially Ronnie Brown, and bring DeAngelo to South Beach. You'll add a strong locker room presence, savvy veteran knowledge for our rook Daniel Thomas, and steady production for the next 3 years. If you want to see the post season, make the FA deal now!!!

Is the Brandon Marshall Experiment a Failure for Miami?

Hello Dol-Fans!

On the cusp of a new season, we need to examine the personnel risk vs. reward the Miami Dolphins are experimenting with. Are we really on the right path, or are more player tweaks necessary to push us over the hump, and into the 2011 contention?

With that, I’ll ask my first Dolphins personnel question of 2011 season. Is the Brandon Marshall experiment really worth it to South Beach? He carries a very hefty price tag for a player with legitimate character concerns, personal and legal problems, strained teammate relationships, and medical concerns. In his lone year with the Dolphins, he’s already had at least three police involved domestic situations, and been stabbed by his wife (Michi), allegedly in self-defense! His dark history of assault and battery with women (before his marriage to Michi) should’ve raised red flags as well. Additionally, his attitude has always been an area of concern, and his strained relationship with (for now) starting QB Chad Henne, is bad for unit morale and cohesiveness. His recent surgically repaired hip should also pose durability concerns. So, can Miami really afford to keep a player with all of these risks?

In my opinion… sadly, no. The risk vs. reward is too high.

Don’t get me wrong… this young man is about as talented as they come at his position; a perennial Pro Bowler! He possesses all of the tangibles that make OC’s drool, and causes DC’s to suffer from insomnia, chronic tension headaches, and anger management issues. He led the team in both receptions (86) and receiving yards (1,014) last season, despite missing two games. Statistically speaking, the guy’s a stud; nonetheless, his personal life is in shambles and none of us fully knows how much his attitude negatively impacts the team's psyche.

This is a real problem that requires real attention and real solutions. Not just the best interest of the team, but also that of Brandon Marshall as well.

As much as I would hate to lose his on-field productivity, his off-field concerns should weigh heavily in this decision. Marquee players are hard to find, especially those with the talents of Brandon Marshall, but NFL Championships are won by teams not individuals. Remember Dol-Fans, the last time Miami won the Super Bowl, it was with the “No Name Defense” leading the way.

I wish Brandon Marshall the best whether he remains a part of the Miami Dolphins, or not. I'm sure the Dolphins Organization will do the right thing in the end.

Apostrophe or Catastrophe - 2011 Miami Dolphins Offense

Hello Dol-Fans!

As some of you may know, I’m extremely excited with the prospects of our beloved Miami Dolphins this season. There’s a lot to be optimistic about! The hiring of OC Brian Daboll and his implementation of the proven West Coast Offense, drafting quality cornerstone players (i.e. C Mike Pouncey, RB Daniel Thomas, and FB/TE Charles Clay), and the second consecutive year of DC Mike Nolan’s Defense. Seems perfectly reasonable and logical to be optimistic, wouldn’t you say?

Which brings me to my question, with all of this optimism… will the Dolphins’ Offensive season be filled with positive statistics (apostrophes), or repeated catastrophes (a la 2010)? Only time will tell, but as a glass-half-full kinda guy I’ll go with the apostrophe side, and here’s why:

Newly implemented Offensive Systems will experience some lumps in the beginning, but opponents haven’t seen this from Miami before, and will get burned at times (advantage - Dolphins).

With Mike Pouncey at Center, C/G Richie Incognito will be able to move back to his natural position at Guard, solidifying the O-Line, and creating better opportunities for both the running and passing games (advantage – Dolphins).

Replacing aging RB Ricky Williams and injury prone RB Ronnie Brown with a fresh, young RB like Daniel Thomas will also help. The slashing, powerful, hungry runner, baring a chip on his shoulder is never a bad thing (advantage – Dolphins).

Adding another solid piece in rookie hybrid FB/H-Back/TE Charles Clay will present match-up problems for opposing Defenses similar to that of the Colts’ H-Back/TE Dallas Clark (advantage – Dolphins).

Adding a blazer like WR Edmond Gates (4.31 sec./40) will open the underneath, short, and intermediate routes for Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and Brian Hartline. Not to mention… all you have to do is hit this kid with a decent pass once on the fly, and he’s likely to go the distance (advantage – Dolphins).

Call me crazy, but these changes could really boost the Offense and push them over the top!

All I can say is, Go ‘Fins Go!

Matt Moore To The Miami Dolphins?

Now that the players have voted and the NFLPA is getting ready to re certify, Bucky Brooks from NFL.COM suggested Matt Moore from the Carolina Panthers, to QB the Miami Dolphins. He is a long shot but like Bucky said "an affordable PRICE". I disagree. First of all, Matt Moore is no better than, or possibly worse than, Henne when it comes to interceptions. And when you look at it, what has he done? Moore doesn't have Henne's cannon but seems to have Henne's lack of judgment in his early days. Why would we bother with Matt Moore if it won't be an improvement and possibly worse? If we are gonna go for another QB, let's be serious. Let's look for a veteran to mentor Henne and quit messing around like we have been since Dan Marino left. Chad Pennington showed great promise and that he could win, but not the ability to stay healthy. If he returns all the better. But that's in doubt with his knee injury. I say for now we stick with Henne and see what he can do. What say you?

By the way, my last post was supposed to be up two days ago, but for some reason didn't post until I logged in today, I apologize for that.

Please feel free to comment on that post as well. Again, I apologize.

A Little Levity Before The Crush.

This is brought to you by 13kvFINS, one of the new writers you will see from time to time. Welcome aboard 13.

Heyy all, THANX for having me!!
In the future, after some actual news take's place
I'll contribute some serious indepth opinion's on OUR FINS, but
I'd like to start-out by lightening the mood toward's OUR TEAM
while simotaneously letting everybody know I have quite the sense-of-humor!!
IMHO, for the last few year's BParcells has been the lead negotiator
in all unsuccesful attempt's @ acquiring the top talent's we've persued, (staff/player's)!!
This is my (13kvFINS) view of how every interview went
while being considered for employment by the tyrant
BParcells/Mr Tarkanian/Will Farrell !!!
The part of Tony Sparano is played by Chris Kattan,
while Jeff Ireland (with the pitch-fork) is played by Kris Parnell !!
PLEASE watch with a smile in appreciation
that now our team can do the job's they're paid to do
with-out the fear of castration, or perhap's worse!!
It's basically a new regime, and to start this new year
they deserve some benifit of a doubt!!
Rejoice & Enjoy!!
BP was on the golf-course when BMarshall & KDansby were interviewed, (@ Ross' request), LOL!!
BP quit a couple month's later!!

When Do We Get Started?

So the owners have put forth and voted on a CBA and it has gone to the NFLPA. The Miami Dolphins and the rest of the league have it in front of them and need to review it to see if it suits them. The question is, how long will it or should it take to go over it and put it to a vote? I understand that this will be a long standing contract and it is important to get it right, but does it seem like no one is in any mode of urgency to get things done?
Part of me thinks that maybe the owners are the only ones who are trying to get this settled and the players, especially Demaurice Smith, are just dragging it out. Another part of me realizes that the players have to be careful and protect themselves. I will be honest with you all, I am not very impressed with Smith and think he is more of an agitator than anything else. Is he the reason the players are taking so long to read and understand the CBA? I don't know but this has to get settled and it doesn't take weeks to read and vote on this thing.

What do you all think? How much time do you think it should take and how much of the season do you think should be sacrificed? Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I'm ready to get started. Also, the players need to have enough time to get better conditioned and work with coaches. Otherwise we are going to have a sloppy and injury filled season that no one will enjoy.

Your thoughts?

A Closer Look at Miami Dolphin Draft Pick Jimmy Wilson

To follow on with Richard's look at our draft picks I wanted to give a Dolphinshout out to Jimmy Wilson. I believe the Miami Dolphins did very well in giving this guy a shot and here's why.

We may want to keep an eye on Miami Dolphin 7th round pick Jimmy Wilson. We all know Wilson was arrested for the shooting death of his aunt’s boyfriend during an argument in June 2007 before his senior year at Montana. After one trial ended in a hung jury with all but one juror finding Wilson not guilty, a second jury acquitted him on July 9, 2009. Wilson returned to Montana a year later for his senior season at 24 years of age with his life nearly taken away from him.

Wilson had 50 tackles for the Grizzlies his senior season and left as the career leader in pass deflections with 26. He had eight career interceptions and 190 career tackles. Mike Hudson, Montana’s linebackers coach had this to say about him, “It’s not often you have to hold a kid back from being physical, but with Jimmy you had to hold him back. He was one of the fiercest, if not the fiercest competitor I have ever coached.” His secondary coach at Montana, Tim Hauck now with the Tennessee Titans said, “He was going to be the guy that made the play that helped you win games.”

Here’s a guy most folks only hear about because of all the things that could go wrong in a man’s life, but for some this is exactly what motivates them to be better men and better football players. As the old saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger…” The tribulations of Wilson’s life can only serve to make him stronger and that is the reason Jeff Ireland took a chance on him in the 7th round. Not many players make an NFL team after being drafted in the 7th round but something tells me this one will.

Wilson was known at Montana for his ferocious hits. Look him up on YouTube one time and see what I mean. This is the guy who has been missing from the Miami Dolphin kick and punt coverage teams. He is the guy who will run down the field with reckless abandon taking no regard for his body. The wedge buster… He’s the guy who makes those game changing hits that can be heard from the stands and over the TV. The Dolphins have not had a guy like that since Larry Izzo.

Welcome aboard Jimmy! I look forward to watching you knock the snot out of some KR causing the fumble that turns the game around on one pivotal hit.

Is Kevin Kolb Right For The Miami Dolphins?

Ok, so I've been hearing a lot of talk about the Miami Dolphins possibly going after Kevin Kolb for their need at the QB position. My question is, is Kolb the QB we should even be taking a look at? Would Kolb be an improvement over Henne? Would he be worth a draft pick or a player trade? Looking at his stats versus Henne's, I'd say no.

First, Kolb has way less NFL experience than Henne. He has played in 19 games in his NFL career versus Henne's 32 games. Not worth a draft pick so far. In 2010, Kolb's completion percentage was 60.8 versus Henne's 61.4. Still nothing. Also in 2010, Kolb had a rating of 76.1 versus Henne's 75.4. Not a big gap there and certainly not enough for a draft pick or trade.

If we look at interceptions versus touchdowns, we will see that both are prone to interceptions with Henne having more career interceptions only because he has played in way more games. Kolb is well on his way to matching or surpassing Henne in that department.

Also, we should keep in mind that Henne has had time with this team and knows the players. I'm not saying he has the respect of all of them, but that is still something that hangs heavily in his favor and will make a big difference, especially with how little time teams are going to have to prepare for the season.

So, I ask you, is Kolb even worth a look for the Miami Dolphins? Again, I'd say no. We are not going to upgrade at the QB position, so why bother? The Miami Dolphins need a QB that is going to make an impact right away and with much more talent than Kolb would bring.
What do you think?

Cruise Time For Me!

Hey everyone, Paul here. This will be my last post for a week because I will be going on vacation until the 29th.

Yes, I know it is terrible timing, but it was out of my control and I figured that I would rather take a vacation and let my other great writers on Dolphin Shout hold up the ship than not take one at all.

Don't fret me being gone, though (not that I am expecting any of you to). I am very confident that you will have more than enough Miami Dolphin talk without me here.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to reading what has happened when I return from my vacation.

A Look At The Miami Dolphins Rookie Class Of 2011

Hello Dol-Fans!

With the possibility of the 2011 NFL season looming at large, we might as well start looking at some rookies that might push our beloved Miami Dolphins over the hump, and back into playoff relevance.

Mike Pouncey (C) - A beast of an O-Lineman with talented genes and natural ability. Has a nasty disposition, coupled with size and strength. Fits all of the general criteria to be a quality O-Lineman, though he did struggle a bit at Center last year. With quality instruction, film study, and hard work, we're looking at our next starting Center for the next decade or so. PROJECTION: Immediate Impact Player.

Daniel Thomas (RB) - Hard runner with a natural nose for finding holes and lanes to blast through. Good combination of size, speed, burst, and "football IQ". If his collegiate stats (1585 yd's, 5.31 yd's/carry avg., and 19TD's) are indicative of his true abilities... this will be the 'Fins' featured back for years to come. PROJECTION: Immediate Impact Player.

Edmond Gates (WR) - An average sized blazer, with average hands and route running ability. Played for Abilene Christian University, so stats may be misleading. Had an above average overall combine, and led his group in the 40 yd. dash time (4.31 sec's); impressive. Expect him to be split-out wide, and sent deep a lot this season, opening up the underneath routes for Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and Anthony Fasano. You can expect to see him make more of an impact in 2012. PROJECTION: Marginal Impact Player.

Charles Clay (FB) - Here's your classic short yardage thumper; or is he? Good size (6'2", 245 lbs.) and lower body strength, with the ability to drive defenders backwards, but wait for it... the man can catch the ball! The Dolphins view him as a hybrid TE/H-Back/FB type player. A solid compliment to Daniel Thomas. Expect to see this young man lined-up all over the field attempting to create mismatches for opposing Defenses. PROJECTION: Immediate Impact Player.

Frank Kearse (DT) - A bit of an unknown, from a mediocre football program (Alabama A&M). Good size for the position (6'4", 311 lbs.), though he may struggle to get his pad level low enough to counter shorter O-Linemen. Expect him to be more of a developmental type player this year, with the possibility of an increased role in 2012. PROJECTION: Impact Player.

Jimmy Wilson (CB) - Another unknown from a relatively small football program (Montana). With limited information, it's difficult to determine what impact he may or may not have. Most likely drafted for Special Teams, positional depth, and development. PROJECTION: Impact Player.

With likely departures of both Ronnie and Ricky, we can also expect to see a free-agent splash for a veteran QB and RB as well.

Stay tuned Dol-Fans, it's gonna' be a ferocious and crazy ride here shortly!

The Miami Dolphins Should Draft a QB and Here's Why

Folks this a little long but with the league about to start up again I thought I would share my reasoning for not wanting to trade for a QB...

The Landscape of the NFL is a bumpy terrain for teams without a franchise quarterback, but the road gets rockier when teams go outside the draft to acquire one. There have been 44 Superbowls played since the Packers first victory and no coach or quarterback had ever won the game with two different teams. Of the 44 superbowl winners, 73% of the quarterbacks have been home grown through the draft or draft day trades, 20% of the winners acquired their quarterbacks through free agency, while only 7% of all superbowl winning quarterbacks have been acquired by trade. Interestingly enough, with two victories, Oakland free agent Jim Plunkett is the only quarterback acquired by either free agency or trade who has ever won more than a single title.

In many cases statistics can be cleverly formulated to predict a desired outcome, but in the quarterback acquisition game the numbers tell the story. The careers of NFL coaches and general managers often mirror their success at selecting and grooming quarterbacks but many still fall into the trap of minimizing this critical position. Good teams can win games, even a Superbowl without a great quarterback, but no such team has ever been dominant on the game's main stage. The success of an NFL team and coach can nearly always be related directly to success at the quarterback position.

If statistics are for losers than the losers have certainly not learned from these statistics. Each year NFL teams in need of a quarterback bypass selecting them in the draft for various reasons and each year the fortunes of those teams do not change. It is not long before the coach, GM or both are out on the market looking for another job. Trading for this critical position is a fool's game and the 7% winning percentage is the irrefutable evidence of that fact. Every year teams make this critical mistake and for many it takes years to recover. The price of the trade rarely plays out for the receiving team and always benefits the sending team because of the high round draft picks demanded for untested but supposedly good quarterbacks.

Matt Schaub may seem like a good trade for Houston but the Texans have little in the win column to show for it, while Atlanta continues to rise in the NFL after drafting Matt Ryan. Matt Cassell may turn into an anomaly but the Patriots are the team that made out from this trade by acquiring high quality draft picks that have strengthened their team. Brett Favre could be considered an anomaly but for all his records he only hoisted the trophy once in his career. Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer managed great defensive teams that were one and done in Superbowl titles. Teams that trade for quarterbacks never seem to build an infrastructure around those players mainly because the teams are already built and the quarterback is brought in to manage, but not to lead.

Michael Vick has never been to a Superbowl and yet the Eagles are considering trading Kevin Kolb and keeping Vick. Tim Tebow has made only a few starts in his NFL career and yet the Broncos are considering trading Kyle Orton. The reason is simple, Vick and Tebow are the true leaders in their perspective locker rooms, while Kolb and Orton are not. Teams do not trade quarterbacks they consider to be exceptional leaders and behind closed doors players will let coaches know who should be leading the team. Trading a high round draft pick for either of these players would be a mistake. Neither will ever be worth the price paid and the receiving team will inhibit its own ability to progress by dealing away high value draft picks that will only serve to strengthen the sending team.

NFL teams must draft quarterbacks. Even if teams make mistakes they must continue to draft quarterbacks until they get it right. Considering most successful NFL quarterbacks are drafted in the first round teams must draft them high. If this cannot be done due to a lack of talent when teams are selecting then they should consider a free agent stop gap, but the statistics are clear, trading high value draft picks for a QB is a losing proposition. Every team that ever earned the dynasty label was built around a drafted quarterback. It cannot be overstated, teams must continue to draft quarterbacks until they get it right. Any other approach is an exercise in futility and will soon find the coach and GM looking for a new line of work.

A Look At What Could Happen To The Miami Dolphins Roster

I was reading a post by Omar Kelly at, and I got started thinking about the Miami Dolphins' roster for this year. Not only are they going to have to move quickly, but they will have a lot of options if they play it right. Teams will be letting players go at an alarming rate (including the 'Phins) and the free agent market will be filling up rapidly!

Now, we all know that the Dolphins have not made the best picks in the past and have sometimes wasted draft picks and money on players that didn't pan out. We also know that the Dolphins have let good, quality players go when they could have kept them. Zach Thomas comes to mind, here.

I'm not totally on board with the Dolphins letting Ronnie Brown go, in fact I'm on the fence with this one.
I am, however, totally on board with bringing in Deangelo Williams! That's already been discussed, but I would like to know what moves you would be making if you were in the driver's seat. There will be some great players out there, so who do you think we have a decent shot at getting? I'm still hoping for Williams or Bradshaw. I also wouldn't mind getting someone like Portis, who I understand may be coming up for grabs.
I'm not sure I can put much trust in Sparano or Ireland or even Ross, but my fear is that we will have to move so fast that we may miss something or just make a big mistake all together. After all, we may only have three days to get things done. That's a scary thought.

What would you be doing?

To CBA, or Not to CBA - Miami Dolphins on the Clock?

Hello Dol-Fans!

Anyone confused about the recently owner approved CBA? How will it affect our beloved Miami Dolphins or even football in general?

Conflicting reports between the media, owners, NFLPA, players, and player reps, have virtually everyone baffled at this point, so your guess is as good as mine. Only the owners seem to be on the same page at this point, and that's never good.

What does it mean to the average 'Fins fan? Team facilities are scheduled to reopen on Saturday, and players, coaches, trainers, etc... are welcome to resume their normal training activities for this time of year.

The real question is... will the players actually report to team facilities, or will they wait until they're all on the same page, and/or until the NFLPA re certifies and ratifies the new deal?

Say a quick prayer Dol-Fans, so maybe we can get back to what matters most in the late Summer and early Fall; Dolphins football!

2011 Miami Dolphins Key Role Player Feature: WR Davone Bess

Hello Dol-Fans!

It’s time to recognize another instrumental cog in the Miami Dolphins 2011 season. I introduce to you… WR Davone Bess. He’s clearly the ball magnet of this Offense, and the most reliable hands on the team. This young, gritty, scat-back WR is a jack-of-all-trades, and makes the most of every opportunity. Let’s take a gander as to why he’s being identified as a key role player this season for our beloved ‘Fins.

2010: 79 Receptions, 820 yards, 5 TD’s; (2nd on the team behind Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall). Not exactly eye popping, but let’s look at the "real story"; his 3rd and 4th Down production. That’s where WR’s earn their paychecks, and where men are separated from prim donnas. His 30 Third and Fourth Down receptions (all First Down conversions) rank him 2nd in the AFC and 4th in the NFL. That accounts for 38% of his receptions last year! Additionally, he served as a Punt Returner for the Dolphins Special Teams, where he returned 25 punts for 284 yards (a respectable 11.4 yard average), ranking him 5th in the AFC. *Side Note: They’re not paying you nearly enough Davone!

Not too shabby for an Undrafted Free Agent (UFA), wouldn’t you say?

In a league filled with money and glory crazed players, it’s refreshing to watch a humble, consummate professional like Davone Bess. A WR that’s willing to scrap for every ball tossed his way, execute those tough routes nobody else wants, and snare balls in clutch situations converting them for First Downs.

Davone, thank you for being the model of what every WR in the NFL should strive to be.

Go 'Fins Go!

Miami Dolphins TE/HB Charles Clay Answers Your Questions

I have the answers to the questions that you guys asked me to send to Charles Clay, the versatile TE/HB that the Miami Dolphins picked up in this year's NFL Draft.

I hope you enjoy them. Thanks to everyone who sent a question. If I didn't get your question please let me know and I will email him back and ask him your question.

Here we go:

It is common knowledge in the Dolphins community that RB Patrick Cobbs is a favorite of Coach Tony Sparano (you may not have known that before, but we will let you know in advance). Do you think you can overcome the favoritism factor that you will be up against?
"He (Cobbs) does a lot for the team and helps out in a lot of ways, so for him to be a favorite is very well deserved. My main focus coming in is to just learn from those guys as much as I can on how to be a professional on and off the field and try and help the team any way that I can."
We know you are very versatile offensively, but have you ever returned kicks or punts or been on special teams coverage?
"I haven't returned a kick since I was in high school, but the good thing about the coach I had at Tulsa was that he put his best players on special teams as well. So every year I was on kickoff coverage, the field goal/pat team pretty much played every special teams."
How much has the lockout affected you? What are you doing to make sure that you are ready when it ends to give yourself a chance to be a starter?
"The lockout has just given me more time to prepare. Granted, I'd much rather have been working with the team, getting acclimated with the players and coaches, and learning plays and such, but it’s a situation I cannot control so therefore all I can do is do whatever I can to make sure that I’m ready to go whenever the lockout is over."
What injuries have you had during your college career? Any serious ones?
"Other than a couple of high ankle sprains and a hamstring strain I've been pretty fortunate thus far and have not had any really serious injuries."
What do you do to avoid hamstring issues? They are normally a problem in the early parts of camp.
"I try to do a lot of strengthening exercises as well as a lot of stretching and hydrating. Because it's an issue I've had before I make sure that I try and stretch a lot and stay hydrated."
What do you bring to the table in a football game? What do you consider your biggest strength?
"I believe versatility is the biggest asset of my game. Not being limited to doing one thing goes a long way and makes it tougher on a defense. I understand that college football and professional football is a big difference but I’m willing to put in the work to be successful at the next level."
What have you been doing to try and get ready for camp? Are you trying to become quicker, and if so how would you go about doing that?
"Really trying to get bigger, stronger, and faster. I try to polish up on things that I do well as well as things that I don’t do as well. Pretty much lifting weights a lot of running and stretching."
How were you introduced to football? Has it always been (or is it even now) your favorite game?
"Football has been my favorite game since I can remember. My little league coach attended the same church that I attended and he wanted to make an announcement to the church to try and get as many kids as he could to join the team, so we put on some pads during the announcement and stood in front of the church. I was a kid who did everything my older brother did so when he went out to play I went just because he did, I was 6 years old at the time and was terrified my first day but stuck with it just because he did and later learned to love the game."
Have you participated in the Dolphins player-organized workouts led by Chad Henne or Jake Long at all?
"I did not get a chance to get out there but am excited to get to work with them as soon as the lockout is over."

That's all I've got for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this interview as much as I did. Charles is a real pleasure to work with, and I wish him the best.

If you would like to follow Charles on twitter, he is @CClay9. Please be sure to follow him if you are on twitter. We want to show him as much support as possible.

Thanks for reading, and I want to hear your reactions to any of these questions below.

2011 Miami Dolphins Key Role Player Feature: FB Lousaka Polite

Hello again Dol-Fans!

This is my first in a series of articles that will feature what I believe to be key role players who will define the 2011 Miami Dolphins season.

Without further ado, I introduce to you… FB Lousaka Polite. If you don’t understand why I would feature him as a key role player for Miami in 2011, you need to get your eyes checked. This man is a first down conversion machine! Here are few statistics to back my logic:

• 2008 – Handed the ball 12 times on 3rd, or 4th down and 1, and converted 11 of those attempts into first downs (92%)
• 2009 – Given the ball 16 times in the same situation, and converted all of them (100%)
• 2010 – In the same situation, dished the ball 15 times and converted 14 of them (93%)

He leads the NFL in short yardage first down conversions, and needs to recognized and feared for it.

As I’m sure many of you are aware… keeping the chains consistently moving on offense demoralizes defenses. It also enables the offense to gain confidence, rhythm, and respect. Continue inserting Lousaka Polite in those crucial short yardage situations, and you’ll break the opposing defense’s back. He’ll blast through stacked 7 and 8 man defensive fronts, punishing them as he converts.

Thank you Lousaka! Thank you for being the battering ram you are. Thank you for converting those thankless few inches, or yards that no one else has the intestinal fortitude to convert. Thank you for being a true team player, and having the presence of mind not to complain that you don’t receive more (or better) opportunities. Thank you for being a quality example of what a teammate should be, and the reason I’m making you the first key role player I preview for the 2011 Miami Dolphins season.

Besides… what’s not to like about the name Lousaka?

Miami Dolphin OC Brian Daboll - Hit or Miss

A look at the 2010 Cleveland Brown’s offensive stats would certainly not give Miami Dolphin fans a comforting feeling coming into the lockout impaired 2011 season. The hiring of fired Browns OC Brian Daboll after his offense was 31st in points, 29th in total yards, 29th in passing and 20th in rushing last season certainly seems curious. Dan Henning’s offense was roundly criticized and while not spectacular by any means the Dolphin offense ranked higher statistically in every category. So why hire Daboll and what can we expect?

The biggest difference may be in the use of formations. Dan Henning was an old school coordinator who followed the mantra that if every player did their job, a hat on a hat, then a play should work without a lot of formations or motion. In the past this may have been true but NFL defenses have undergone a transformation in the last several years in response to rule changes designed to promote scoring, most notably in the passing game. Teams have been gradually going away from the 4-3 defense in favor of the 3-4 because it allows them to have more versatile LBs and Safeties on the field instead of DL.

This has given defenses more options, enabling zone blitzing schemes and multiple coverage schemes making it harder for the offense to dictate play. Modern offenses have responded by adding a wide range of 3, 4 or even 5 wide formations coupled with motion. All of these twists designed to force the defense to show its hand. An offense that does not have any of these nuances is less likely to dictate to the defense and more likely to fall victim to turnovers and negative plays.

It is probably a tribute to the Miami Dolphin players that they were able to produce much at all given the constraints of the Henning scheme. The changes most likely to be seen with Daboll will come from the use of formations and motion designed to create mismatches and to force the defense to show coverages or blitzes. The scheme will be more QB friendly because it will isolate defensive keys that indicate pressure or coverage.

The lockout has hurt teams like the Dolphins who have new coaching staffs or OCs and DCs because they will be starting from behind the established staffs. One thing for certain, receivers may actually be open and in some cases wide open, which has not seen in Miami for a long while. For too long defenses have dictated the game to Miami but with the use of formations and motion there is hope the Miami Dolphin offense will be more like Green Bay and less like Cleveland.

Considering Daboll came from Cleveland Coach Sparano has certainly taken a leap of faith. What do you think?

Who is the Answer to the Miami Dolphins QB Conundrum in 2011?

Hello Dol-Fans!

With the anticipated lock-out coming to a halt, it is time to determine the direction of our beloved Miami Dolphins Offense. Chad Henne may have the time and continuity advantage at this point, but is he really the answer to the Dolphins QB conundrum? If records and playoff appearances mean anything… I’d have to say a resounding no!

So now what? Where do we go from here? The Dolphins didn’t draft a highly touted QB prospect this year, so the only real option is signing a key Veteran Free Agent to compete for the job. Rumors have been circulating for weeks about all kinds of possibilities (i.e. Vince Young, Kevin Kolb, Mark Bulger, Kyle Orton, Matt Hasselbeck, etc…), but realistically… none of them fit the needs of this team. The ‘Fins need a young QB that’s energetic, a proven leader, adept in the West Coast Offense, efficient and effective in throwing the intermediate routes, intelligent, methodical in preparation, and is NOT habitually injury bitten. I’m afraid that rules out all of the aforementioned (and rumored) candidates. So who then you ask?

I introduce to you… Matt Flynn, back-up QB of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Who? Though he’s not a household name yet, Matt Flynn will be. Why would the Dolphins be interested in bringing a four year back-up QB to Miami to compete for the starting job, you ask? It’s quite simple really. He’s a better option than Chad Henne, he won’t command the price tag of the others, plus he’s been studying under QB guru Mike McCarthy, and along side of Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers, and future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. He’s just the right blend of youth and experience, and did any of you see how he methodically dismantled the Patriots defense in Foxboro last year? He had less than a full week to prepare for that game, and virtually no running attack to speak of to support him. Imagine the possibilities behind a solid O-Line, a powerful RB, Pro Bowl WR’s, serviceable TE’s, and unlimited practice reps, to prepare for our hated rivals. It almost makes your mouth water doesn’t it? Mine too.

So listen up ‘Fins Front Office! If you have winning in the forefront of your minds, you better be willing to pull the trigger and make a deal with Green Bay for Matt Flynn. Dolphin Nation deserves winning seasons, playoff berths, and Championships, and this is the best option.

Apparently Plaxico Burress Really Wants To Play For The Miami Dolphins

Plaxico Burress has shown interest in playing for the Miami Dolphins yet again according to a report by Pro Football Talk.

This comes after his supposed interest in playing for the Miami Dolphins was first revealed six months ago.

During an interview with WQAM's Sid Rosenberg Burress said the following:
"Just for me to be able to be somewhere I love that I call home, and to live at one place all year around for the first time in my life, it would be a beautiful situation."
While I sympathize with Burress wanting to play near his home, I don't think that he will be getting his wish any time soon. The Miami Dolphins just don't need him. They are already very top heavy with receivers and don't need any more.

Later on in the interview Plaxico said this about playing with Brandon Marshall:
"We would be the best duo in football."
He may or may not be right about that, but the fact still is that the Dolphins don't need him. They already have one of the best overall receiving corps in the NFL, and I am very serious when I say that. Think about all of the weapons Miami has at receiver.

Honestly though, I don't really believe that Miami is Burress' first choice. He is saying so many nice things about so many different teams, that I don't really care too much about what he says anymore.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think. I know you guys have thoughts on Burress.

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Introducing Dolphin Shout's New Writers!

First I want to thank everyone that applied to write with me. There were way more applicants than I expected and I wasn't able to keep everybody I had hoped. I am very sorry if I did not let you become a writer.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I wanted to let you know who will be writing alongside me now.

First we have James Tiernan, who is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan. He lives up in New York, so he will be our eyes inside enemy territory. If you guys would like to get a hold of him shoot him an email at

Our next writer is Patrick Tarell, but he goes by Pat. He is a great writer, and I know you guys will enjoy his work. He is very knowledgeable about the game of football, and I am sure that he will be a great contributor to Dolphin Shout. If you want to email Pat just email him at

Our third writer is Richard Anderson. Richard is a former semi-pro football player, so he has a lot of experience out on the football field. I know you guys will enjoy Rich. If you want to email Rich just email him at

The last (but certainly not least) addition to the Dolphin Shout crew is Jeff Brennan. Jeff was born on September 2, 1966, which was the same day as the very first Miami Dolphins game. Fate has brought Jeff here, and I look forward to reading what he has to say. If you want to contact Jeff you can email him at

Well, there you have it. I have added a lot of writers, but I am confident in every single one of them to bring you quality content each and every week. I am going to organize each writer's work so you can see the blog posts of specific authors if you would like. I am also going to increase the number of posts on the front page.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am.

Thanks for stopping by, and I assure you that you will want to keep coming back to read all of the great content we are about to start sending your way.

Ahmad Bradshaw Is Interested In Playing For Miami Dolphins

Ahmad Bradshaw is reportedly interested in playing for the Miami Dolphins next year. This is according to a tweet by Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

Bradshaw's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said that he has been training in Miami and is interested in signing with the Dolphins.

This could be good news for Miami, but at the same time it isn't really that significant. Bradshaw could really want to play for the Dolphins, or this could just be a case of his agent driving up his value.

Either way, I wouldn't mind Bradshaw coming to play for Miami. He does have fumble concerns, but if he can learn to hold onto the ball better he could end up being a great NFL running back. I still believe that Darren Sproles would be a better fit for the Dolphins offense just because we already have the #1 back in Daniel Thomas, but I sure wouldn't mind having Bradshaw running for Miami at all.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think with a comment below.

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Cost Of Living And How It Will Affect The Upcoming NFL Free Agency

Today I am going to share with you an article submitted to me by a friend of mine named John McAdams. He brings up a very interesting thought here that you never hear mentioned, but it can have a profound impact on how much money a player will make in different cities.

This is a good thing for the Miami Dolphins and a bad thing for the New York Jets, but it is not mentioned enough, so I thought I would bring it up to you guys and see what you thought about it.

Here is what he sent to me:

Simple Sports Economics-101


cost of living n. The average cost of the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, and clothing in a specific locale.

Before we begin this year’s Free Agency in the NFL, it would be very good to review some very simple facts that are completely ignored by the entire professional sports community. When various players are traded or acquired and change the teams and, consequently, locations where they work and live, we only hear the terms "how much" and "how long". The second most important consideration of the entire transaction is completely ignored; that is where a player is currently working and their future workplace and home.

To illustrate the significance of cost of living (COL) and why it is so extremely important, an example of a NFL player moving is provided, however the circumstances are exactly the same in all professional team sports.

A New Orleans FA player is sought by the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins, and his current team. The Saints have offered $5,000,000 to keep him, the Dolphins have offered $6,700,000 for his services and the Jets have offered $8,000,000.

If the locations are thought about like they normally are on TV the professional athlete is skating on very thin, dangerous ice. Let’s do a little tiny bit of cost of living analysis.

If you are working for a company in Nebraska and they send you to live in Hong Kong, they would have to pay you almost 3 times your Nebraska wages, in order for you to live as you did in Nebraska. Similarly, the cost of living varies throughout the U.S. and each state is as different in the value of a dollar as different countries.

Our New Orleans player has the three offers ($5 million in New Orleans, $6.7 million in Miami, and $8 million in New York); let’s examine each offer using cost of living. If he stays in New Orleans, he knows what things cost and he’s grown into a lifestyle compatible with his income.

Let’s see what happens if he moves to New York. Among all the wonderful things about Gotham, one thing isn’t so wonderful: New York City is one of the most expensive areas to live in the U.S. The city itself even has a city income tax! Because of taxes and other hard and fast costs, New York City has an EF (Equivalency Factor) of 2.38.

In order for our Saint’s player to have an equivalent standard of living that he had in New Orleans and be with the Jets, he would have to be paid $10,217,859.

The third team in the mix, the Dolphins, has offered $6.7 million and since Miami has an EF of .99, there is essentially a $1.8 million dollar raise over the New Orleans offer since the cost of living is almost the same in Miami and New Orleans. So unless our fictional Saint’s player wants to take a massive pay cut and live in New York City, he would be wise to stay where he is or take the Miami offer.

Every professional athlete should strongly examine the cost of living and the EF (Equivalency Factor) when considering any career move. Stay tuned, cost of living, the Equivalency Factor, how it is calculated, and individual NFL cities cost of living factors will all be covered in future articles in this series.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this look at the incredible differences in the Cost of Living in different cities.

If you would like to contact John, shoot him an email at I'm sure he would love your feedback.

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Darren Sproles Might Be The Best Option For The Miami Dolphins

I have noticed a lot of buzz recently regarding Reggie Bush and the Miami Dolphins.

Now, I wouldn't mind having Bush come to the Miami Dolphins, but I don't feel like he would be the best option for Miami. In my opinion, Darren Sproles would be the better choice than Bush for one reason:


Reggie Bush is injured way too frequently. The last time he played a full season was his rookie year in 2006. Sproles has played in all 16 games in each of the past three seasons, and in both 2005 and 2007 seasons he played in 15 games.

Sproles could be a great compliment to Daniel Thomas. He is great catching the football out of the backfield, and he is a small target, which makes him harder to bring down. He is a little smaller than Danny Woodhead of the Patriots, and he caught more receptions for more yards than Woodhead.

Sproles' quickness and receiving ability paired with Thomas' power running style could be a dangerous one-two punch that defenses won't enjoy preparing for. If you want to take some of the pressure off of your quarterback, get him a running back that can break it for a big play at any time off of a short dump off pass. If your quarterback knows that he has a back that can catch the ball really well out of the backfield, then he can be more at ease.

There are so many different things that you can do with a pass-catching back like Darren Sproles. Sure you could do similar things with Reggie Bush, but you won't have him for all 16 games. You know you can rely on Sproles to be healthy and active.

Another great part about Sproles is that he would be very cheap to sign. He isn't a top NFL running back. He is a great complimentary player, but backups obviously don't get paid like starters do.

Now, it's time for you to let me know if there is anyone you would rather have over Sproles, all things considered.

Thanks for reading, and I am still looking for another writer to help me out. If you are interested check it out here: Dolphin Shout Needs A New Writer.

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Dolphin Shout Is Looking For A New Writer

Hey everyone, I am looking for another writer to help me contribute to this oh so wonderful Miami Dolphins blog.

As Dolphin Shout grows I have begun to realize the need to expand and add new opinions to the blog. If you think you might want to be a writer on Dolphin Shout, check out the following requirements and see if it is something you might do:

-You must write a minimum of once a week
-You need to have a strong knowledge of the Miami Dolphins (obviously)
-You need to be a good writer
-You must spellcheck your work

[Optional] If you know HTML and/or SEO please let me know. That is something that I would love to hear.

That is about all of the requirements I have.

As a writer for Dolphin Shout you will get a few things:

-You are joining a very fast-growing blog. Dolphin Shout went from around 4,000 views a month in its first four or five months to doubling that in one day alone during the NFL draft just a few months later.

-Your work will be featured on the Yardbarker Network, which is affiliated with Fox Sports. I have had a couple articles on Fox Sports, and you could as well.

-The freedom to write about whatever you would like to write about relating to the Miami Dolphins. I want you to write about what you enjoy. Just make sure you are opinionated and ready for discussion with others.

-You will get an email address just like I have. It can be your name or nickname and then

-You may get paid a little bit, but I must warn you, you don't want to be doing this for the money right now because what I could pay you would be very minimal. Maybe down the line the payments can be better, but for now they are not much to speak about.

If you would like to apply to be a blogger or writer (whichever you would prefer to be called) just email me with the following:

-Your name
-A little bit about you
-A 300 or more word piece about the Miami Dolphins current situation so I can see your work
-Where you live (It won't affect my decision. I'm just curious)
-Let me know if you know anything about SEO and HTML. If you don't it isn't a problem.

I hope you guys are as excited as me about this. If you would like to apply as a writer please email me at

Thanks for stopping by and if you know people who might be interested please email them this post.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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I Need You To Help Me Interview Miami Dolphins TE/HB Charles Clay

Just like last time with Kory Sheets, I would like your help interviewing the versatile Charles Clay of the Miami Dolphins.

I am going to take your questions that you submit and I will ask them to Clay.

To give me your question you can either email me at, post the question as a comment below, or tell me on twitter @PaulDSmythe.

For those of you who don't know much about Charles Clay, he is a Tight End and a Fullback who is very good at catching the ball. The Dolphins selected him in the 6th round of this year's draft, and while he isn't very fast he still finds ways to gain a lot of yards. I kind of think of him as a slower, more powerful Danny Woodhead.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you want me to ask.

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What If...The Miami Dolphins Sign Kyle Orton?

It's time for the second installment of the "What If" series. This time we will be taking a look at what will happen during preseason if the Miami Dolphins sign Kyle Orton.

Let's get started.

What if the Miami Dolphins sign Kyle Orton?

As soon as training camp starts Tony Sparano indicates that Chad Henne has the advantage because of the amount of time he has had to work on the offense, but that Orton will be given a fair shot at the starting job. A lot of fans want to see Orton out there starting, but he is at a disadvantage because of the lockout and the fact that it has given Henne more time.

Henne starts the first week of training camp pretty consistently. Orton shakes of a bad first couple of days and starts to really play well. As training camp progresses and Orton learns the offense better, he starts to pull away from Henne, and fans start to get excited about what Miami can do now that they have a legitimate quarterback.

The player that most benefits from Orton being on the field is Brandon Marshall, who has really benefited from having an old teammate giving him the ball. The Orton-Marshall connection gets stronger and stronger as preseason games start.

Throughout the preseason Orton starts to distance himself to Chad Henne. The fan base really starts to get excited about Orton, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at Henne's facial expression.

Reports surface about Henne working 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, trying to win back the starting job that everyone knows Orton is currently holding. His efforts are in vain, though. Orton finishes off the preseason with yet another great game, and it is officially announced that Kyle Orton is the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

In a press conference a few days following the announcement of Orton receiving the starting job, Brandon Marshall is visibly ecstatic and believes that the Dolphins will be able to do great things with Orton under helm.

In an interview, Stephen Ross says the following,
"I am not going to make any predictions about the kid we have at quarterback, because past history says that doesn't work very well, but I can tell you that this kid is the real deal. Kyle Orton will be able to do some special things here in Miami."

That's all I've got for now. See something in the story that you don't agree with? Feel free to let us know how you would change it around with a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this little bit of offseason fun.

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What If...The Miami Dolphins Sign Vince Young?

Today I will be starting a series based on what would happen if certain events occur to the Miami Dolphins. I will be looking at what I think might happen in training camp if a certain player is added to the Dolphins.

I hope you guys will enjoy this, and I want to thank John McAdams for the idea. He is saving a lot of us(me the most) from offseason boredom, and gives us something interesting to talk about.

I am going to be doing this series a lot until the lockout is removed, which, I have heard is likely going to be lifted by the 21st. Don't hold me to it, but I have a good feeling about this date. There is too much pressure for something not to get done at that time in my opinion.

Now, for the first "What If."

What if the Miami Dolphins signed Vince Young?

As soon as training camp starts, Tony Sparano vows to give both Chad Henne and Vince Young an equal chance for the starting job (there is a third QB on the roster, but he is a longshot and I will pretend like he isn't important enough to talk about). The majority of the fans in Miami want to see Vince Young starting, but he will have to win the job, and Henne has had a long time to work on the offense and with the players.

Young, surprisingly, starts working very hard on trying to learn the offense and win the starting job. Henne won't be outdone, though, and both players are always the last to leave the practice facility.

As camp goes on, patterns start to emerge when each QB is on the field. Whenever Henne is on the field Anthony Fasano and Davone Bess seem to excel, and whenever Young is on the field Brian Hartline, Daniel Thomas, and Edmond Gates play better. Brandon Marshall doesn't really seem to do any worse or any better with either player. He has been the best receiver at camp regardless of who is throwing the ball.

The first three preseason games are split pretty evenly with Vince Young having the slight edge. Both players are given pretty much the same amount of playing time. After the first three games Young has one interception compared to Henne's three, but one of Henne's picks was due to Brian Hartline slipping and falling on a curl route. Young also has a slight advantage in touchdowns with four to Chad Henne's three.

Going into the last game a lot of fans start to get excited because they finally think that they can be rid of Henne and that they will have a quarterback that has the potential to be a superstar in Young. That doesn't end up being the case, though. Henne comes out in the second quarter (Young played in the first quarter) against Dallas and throws for three touchdowns, 175 passing yards, and no interceptions in that quarter alone, stunning Vince Young and the entire Miami Dolphins fan base.

At the end of camp Tony Sparano names Chad Henne as his starting quarterback, and while Sparano doesn't say it, everyone knows that Henne will have a short leash during the season. Many fans argue that you can't base your starter off of how he performs in the second quarter of a preseason game and that Young's college history alone should put him above Henne. Other fans argue that Henne makes the most sense as the starter and that Young's NFL history is too much of a concern for Miami to allow him to have the keys to their team.

That's all I've got for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I encourage you to change any of the above scenario to what you think would happen. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by, now let me hear your side of the story.

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