2011 Miami Dolphins Key Role Player Feature: FB Lousaka Polite

Hello again Dol-Fans!

This is my first in a series of articles that will feature what I believe to be key role players who will define the 2011 Miami Dolphins season.

Without further ado, I introduce to you… FB Lousaka Polite. If you don’t understand why I would feature him as a key role player for Miami in 2011, you need to get your eyes checked. This man is a first down conversion machine! Here are few statistics to back my logic:

• 2008 – Handed the ball 12 times on 3rd, or 4th down and 1, and converted 11 of those attempts into first downs (92%)
• 2009 – Given the ball 16 times in the same situation, and converted all of them (100%)
• 2010 – In the same situation, dished the ball 15 times and converted 14 of them (93%)

He leads the NFL in short yardage first down conversions, and needs to recognized and feared for it.

As I’m sure many of you are aware… keeping the chains consistently moving on offense demoralizes defenses. It also enables the offense to gain confidence, rhythm, and respect. Continue inserting Lousaka Polite in those crucial short yardage situations, and you’ll break the opposing defense’s back. He’ll blast through stacked 7 and 8 man defensive fronts, punishing them as he converts.

Thank you Lousaka! Thank you for being the battering ram you are. Thank you for converting those thankless few inches, or yards that no one else has the intestinal fortitude to convert. Thank you for being a true team player, and having the presence of mind not to complain that you don’t receive more (or better) opportunities. Thank you for being a quality example of what a teammate should be, and the reason I’m making you the first key role player I preview for the 2011 Miami Dolphins season.

Besides… what’s not to like about the name Lousaka?