2011 Miami Dolphins Key Role Player Feature: WR Davone Bess

Hello Dol-Fans!

It’s time to recognize another instrumental cog in the Miami Dolphins 2011 season. I introduce to you… WR Davone Bess. He’s clearly the ball magnet of this Offense, and the most reliable hands on the team. This young, gritty, scat-back WR is a jack-of-all-trades, and makes the most of every opportunity. Let’s take a gander as to why he’s being identified as a key role player this season for our beloved ‘Fins.

2010: 79 Receptions, 820 yards, 5 TD’s; (2nd on the team behind Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall). Not exactly eye popping, but let’s look at the "real story"; his 3rd and 4th Down production. That’s where WR’s earn their paychecks, and where men are separated from prim donnas. His 30 Third and Fourth Down receptions (all First Down conversions) rank him 2nd in the AFC and 4th in the NFL. That accounts for 38% of his receptions last year! Additionally, he served as a Punt Returner for the Dolphins Special Teams, where he returned 25 punts for 284 yards (a respectable 11.4 yard average), ranking him 5th in the AFC. *Side Note: They’re not paying you nearly enough Davone!

Not too shabby for an Undrafted Free Agent (UFA), wouldn’t you say?

In a league filled with money and glory crazed players, it’s refreshing to watch a humble, consummate professional like Davone Bess. A WR that’s willing to scrap for every ball tossed his way, execute those tough routes nobody else wants, and snare balls in clutch situations converting them for First Downs.

Davone, thank you for being the model of what every WR in the NFL should strive to be.

Go 'Fins Go!