5 Step Plan To Fix The Miami Dolphins

I have another submission from Kenny Nicholas (13kvFINS). This is a piece that he wrote just after the Jim Harbaugh fiasco with the Miami Dolphins. He made some changes to it to remove the parts that are no longer relevant, but it is still a very good piece that I know you guys will enjoy.

As you may know, Kenny is ever the optimist, and he is a very positive person. I imagine his writing is refreshing to you guys after all of the negative stuff I say, so I plan on adding him as a writer at Dolphin Shout very soon. Jeff Brennan had to leave us because of family issues, so he will just be replacing Jeff.

Now for his work. I hope you guys enjoy:

FIVE-STEP PLAN (Kenny wrote this at the beginning of the year) with edits to accommodate today!!

Tony Sparano is far from the worst coach we've ever had, and remains a favorable option for us, in spite of what malcontent ex-Dolphin players might suggest, most of the player's respect, like, and want to give him 110% till the end!! He has always held himself accountable, never makes excuses, and he's a stand-up guy!!

He's still learning, and has had a lot of bad breaks along the way!! I'm sure he's been seriously enlightened over the last six months or so, and I strongly doubt he can have a third consecutive year with the multitude of injuries and the unbelievable happenings that have cursed our team!!

I'd gather that Tony Sparano now realizes that the offensive gameplan needs to get offensive!! That he needs to spend time figuring-out how to evolve toward trying to win NOW with an aggressive approach, rather than worrying compulsively about the potential negative percentages while pursuing success, in trying not to lose!!

There's no reason for him to hold back, it's now or never, long-term team planning is out the window, change his conservative philosophy, and win in 2011 to retain "the best job on the planet"!! One step in the right direction!!

What we all agreed on is that Henning had to go, and he's gone, Two steps!!

We all know that we need an interior offensive line that can stay healthy and play together for the most part of 16 game's, (we were able to field the same starting offensive line in back-to-back weeks no more than twice in 2010 if at all), and that factor will be addressed whole heartedly, Three steps!!

We all know we need lots of speed on the offensive side of the ball, CHECK!! While we also need a QB to push, and possibly supplant Chad Henne, and that these agreed upon needs will also be aggressively approached, Four steps?!!??!?!? Half-a-step!!

Drop the ball half as many times on both sides of the ball in 2011 compared to 2010!! We had twenty-plus dropped interception opportunities off of the defenders hands and/or chest, with seven of them being guaranteed pick-sixes had they been caught because there wasn't an opposing team member between the interceptee and the endzone!! Five steps!!

Just with step five, we win 3 more games in 2010 and/or in 2011 (should those similar opportunities arise)!! Make notable improvements to all five steps (not at all impossible), and we can't possibly be less efficient, while we likely win three more games in 2011 than the 7 - 9 end-result of 2010!!

We all (FIN staff included) knew all of this before the Harbaugh thing (NOTHING HAS CHANGED), we're no worse for trying, and they'll have a favorable plan without the landing of Harbaugh!!

The longer the CBA took to be unresolved, the better the choice of sticking with Tony Sparano became, because until it was resolved coaches can't interact with players in team activities!! If it takes until summer (June, July, August), it'll be a really good thing that TS was such a man about all that has taken place, because he knows his team and what needs to take place!! Harbaugh and the team would be absolutely lost in the same instance!! Who's to say that Harbaugh would have hit the jackpot in his 1st Head Coach Free Agent/Draft opportunity?? After all Jeff Ireland would have still been the General Manager!! Tony Sparano is no more entirely to blame than any one individual Miami Dolphin staff member or player, and doesn't deserve our disrespect!! I think I'll get my guarantee of a more aggressive offense, with the revelatios righteously forced upon Tony!!


So, how many more steps would you suggest need to be taken, if Jeff Ireland asked Mother May I??